Monday, March 19, 2012

Screw You Booda! Myah Fell In Love With The Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters Toy!

The Good: Actually durable, Easy to clean, Lower-register squeaker
The Bad: Well, it got my dog pregnant! ?
The Basics: Aspen Pets created one of the very best dog toys Myah has ever gotten. I only wish she would play with it!

The last few weeks, my beautiful Siberian Husky - Myah – has been in an inordinate amount of pain. It seems that she is going through a hysterical pregnancy and the poor girl’s teats have filled right up. And I mean filled! Ironically, Myah – who came to us only a week after she finished weaning the last of her pups – has giant dog breasts now that she did not have when she was actually feeding puppies! What does this have to do with the Aspen Pets Booda Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy? It’s simple; I blame this toy for the hysterical pregnancy and it is only as I write about it that I think I truly understand the cause of Myah’s weeks of suffering.

Myah came to us with a Hartz dog toy we call Teddy. While this little pink bear, which is retired, was Myah’s favorite thing in the world, she moved away from it after she settled in at our house. She started playing with Quackers (reviewed here!) and the Angry Birds plush for dogs from Hartz (reviewed here!). But the toy she mothered and clung to during the transition, she left fall by the wayside. Then, a few weeks back, we took Myah to Petsmart. While there, my wife let her pick out a toy of her own choosing. Myah reached right for the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy. We figured we had a winner because after several minutes of taking it away from her, Myah kept recovering the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy. Out of a whole superstore of choices, this was the one toy Myah seemed to truly want.

When we got home, though, Myah would not play with the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy. Instead, she unburied Teddy from under her blankets and pillows, took the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy next to her and wrapped herself around both. Within two days, her mammary glands were so swollen that Myah seemed pained when she ran. My wife discovered this pretty quickly and we’ve been trying to wean our delightfully crazy dog from the two toys to help get her out of the hysterical pregnancy. It is tough work, especially because Myah throws a fit whenever we take away Teddy or the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy. My theory, because I have one now, is this: Myah saw that the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy was the exact same shade of pink as Teddy and that it squeaked in a similar fashion. Faced with two of them, she somehow came to believe these were her babies. Now, she throws an unholy fit when either Teddy or the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy is squeezed and she looks seriously traumatized when one throws the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy.

This is a problem because the key selling point for us on the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy was that the stitching and squeaker had three times the strength of normal dog toys. Given that my wife bought Myah a holiday-themed dog toy one night and within fifteen seconds Myah had destroyed the squeaker, I was quite keen on the triple-strength squeaker. I hoped that it could live up. And, for the limited amount of time Myah played with it, the squeaker has lived up.

The Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy is a 6” long by 4 1/2” tall by 1” thick soft plush toy. It is not excessively “furred” on the surface, so there is no pilling on the bright pink cloth surface. This flexible dog plush resembles an old blanket in its texture and remains surprisingly clean even when a dog like Myah carries it around for quite some time. The Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy is shaped like a leaping cat sugar cookie, so it has a very faint outline of a jumping cat. Sewn into the side is the embroidered word “meow.” If Myah could read, our cat Gollum would probably be dead by now, she so vigorously attached herself to the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy when she first received it.

And the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy has held up. It doesn’t help that Myah has been mothering the toy since, but it has held up. I like the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy because, in addition to its durability – it has a little more rigidity than most plush toys so it does not puncture or bend nearly as easy as most dog plushes – the squeaker is not as loud or high pitched as most. Myah initially reacted very favorably to the lower-register squeaker (which is still high-pitched, just not as piercing as most). Now, she thinks we are hurting her baby when we squeeze it. Ouch!

Simple, clean, durable and much loved very quickly, the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters dog toy is a great solution for dogs that eviscerate lesser toys . . . just don’t get one the same color as any other beloved toy your dog has!

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