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Blue Diamond Butter Toffee Flavor Oven Roasted Almonds Make The Salty Sweet!

The Good: Good taste, Lack of defects, Surprisingly nutritious
The Bad: Still fairly expensive
The Basics: Blue Diamond makes almonds trendy with their Butter Toffee Oven Roasted Almonds, effectively surprising me!

As I work to eat healthier, I am finding that I am reviewing healthier snacks in place of the candies I used to love reviewing. That means, instead of Jelly Belly jelly beans, right now, I am considering nuts. While I have reviewed Wonderful Pistachios’ Roasted & Salted Pistachios (here!), I have not reviewed any other nuts before now. But, when my wife and I were out grocery shopping, she saw the canisters of Blue Diamond flavored almonds and she was eager for us to pick up healthier snacks like them. So, we picked up the Butter Toffee flavor of Blue Diamond’s Oven Roasted Almonds (Toffee being one of her favorite flavors in the world) and brought them home.

Actually, my wife started eagerly consuming these nuts on the trip home, proving the old adage that it is important not to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. But regardless of how hungry one is when they start, it is hard to stop eating Blue Diamond Butter Toffee flavor Oven Roasted Almonds; they are that good!


Blue Diamond Butter Toffee flavor Oven Roasted Almonds are a ready-to-eat snack that defies the expectations of salty snack consumers. Packaged in an 8 oz. plastic canister, the Oven Roasted Almonds are well protected. After removing the safety seal, consumers have access to the almonds that are dusted with a powder that gives them their Butter Toffee flavor. The cool thing about the packaging of Blue Diamond Butter Toffee flavor Oven Roasted Almonds is that the side has a convenient scale and window. Looking through the window, consumers can easily tell just how many servings of the almonds they have left as the canister is marked on the window in 1 oz. intervals! This is a convenient way to tell just how much one is consuming and to better ration these addictive nuts.

Outside their slightly frosted appearance, the Butter Toffee Oven Roasted Almonds look just like ordinary almonds. Each 8 oz. container has eight 1 ounce servings easily dispensed through the flip-top lid.

Ease Of Preparation

These are roasted nuts, so preparing them is as easy as opening the canister they come in and consuming them. There is no trick or work needed to eat Butter Toffee flavor Oven Roasted Almonds.


The Butter Toffee Oven Roasted Almonds smell purely like almonds. Smelling salty and warm, even at room temperature, the Blue Diamond Butter Toffee Oven Roasted Almonds smell delightfully salty and buttery. They do not smell unlike any other basic almond I have ever smelled.

On the tongue, the Butter Toffee almonds are sweet and surprisingly not at all salty. The flavoring on these almonds is surprisingly subtle. Individually, they taste like the remnants of a toffee bar, an aftertaste, so light is the flavoring. As the coating melts away on the tongue, the almonds beneath are predictably dry. The Blue Diamond almonds in this assortment taste buttery, naturally and they blend with the toffee flavor delightfully. But on their own, these almonds are very subtle and sweet, though the flavor they do possess is of toffee.

In a cluster, though, that sweetness and the toffee flavor compounds. The Butter Toffee Roasted Almonds lose any hint of nut flavor until one bites through the nuts. Initially, the mouth is filled with a bright, sweet toffee flavor that will please anyone who loves toffee. When the nuts are broken in the mouth, the effect is more of a synergy; the buttered toffee flavor becomes more buttery to add to the sweetness of the toffee flavor, without overwhelming the toffee flavoring! This encourages one to eat these almonds by the handful!


What surprised me most about Blue Diamond Butter Toffee Oven Roasted Almonds was how healthy they actually are! A serving is considered 28 grams which is about an ounce (an estimated twenty-four nuts). With the standard recommended serving size, the nuts have only 12 grams of fat! That's 19% of the RDA of fat, with 5% of the RDA coming from the one gram of saturated fat! While there is 4% of the RDA of calcium and five grams of protein, these surprisingly full of nutrients. In addition to potassium (170mg) and a surprisingly low amount of salt (only 35 mg sodium!), these nuts have iron, Vitamin E, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, Folate, Magnesium, Zinc, copper, thiamin, phosphorous and Manganese!

The ingredients list for these Butter Toffee flavor Oven Roasted Almonds is fairly short as well. Blue Diamond are made primarily of almonds, sugar and brown sugar. There is nothing unpronounceable in these nuts.


Just as with the preparation, Blue Diamond Butter Toffee flavor Oven Roasted Almonds are low stress when it comes to storage and cleanup. Storage is simple when the nuts are kept in their canister at room temperature or cooler. Kept sealed in their canister, these nuts would not expire until June 6, 2013 (they will NEVER last that long with the way my wife and I have been enjoying them!).

Blue Diamond Oven Roasted Almonds are easy to clean up after as well. Simply wash your hands after eating to get any stray flavor dust off. There should be no other residue, but if there is, it may easily be wiped away with a damp cloth.


Blue Diamond Butter Toffee flavor Oven Roasted Almonds are flavorful, surprisingly nutritious and well worth the time and consumption of health-conscious consumers that want something delicious!

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