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Better Than The Other, O.N.E. Active Cranberry Grapefruit Coconut Water Might Be Mild, But It’s Not Bad!

The Good: Generally nutritious, Comparatively inexpensive, Tastes all right
The Bad: I’m not wild about the lack of environmentally conscientious packaging, Not as nutritious as I thought it would be, Not strongly fruity.
The Basics: O.N.E. Active Coconut Water Cranberry Grapefruit might well be the only energy drink I have had that didn’t make me want to drink something else when I was done with it!

When I first tried one of O.N.E. Active’s Coconut Waters (reviewed here!), I had a pretty negative experience. Yeah, it was terrible. The beverage was salty, anything but fruit flavored or delicious and I came very close to swearing off the health drinks. But, my wife picked up their Cranberry Grapefruit Coconut Water at the same time as the first one, so I felt I had to give it a try. My wife does a lot of nice things for me when it comes to my reviewing and I show her I appreciate it by actually consuming whatever she gets me!

Fortunately, O.N.E. Active Cranberry Grapefruit Coconut Water is vastly better than the brand’s other flavor and it is one that has just enough going for it to recommend.


O.N.E. Active Coconut Water is a health or energy drink, a type of beverage designed primarily for sports participants to quickly replace nutrients the body loses while working out. O.N.E. Active Coconut Water Cranberry Grapefruit comes in a 16.9 fl. oz. cardboard carton that is bulky to the grip. Contoured slightly to fit a wide grip, the carton is filled with the translucent purple liquid that is Cranberry Grapefruit O.N.E. Active Coconut Water.

The 16.9 fl. oz. carton is intended as a single serving and it quenches the thirst long before the full carton is gone!

Ease Of Preparation

O.N.E. Active Coconut Water is a liquid in the 16.9 fl. oz. carton, so preparation is as easy as opening a bottle. Shake the carton up and then open it. O.N.E. Active Coconut Water has a plastic cap that easily twists off and can be put back on in order to reseal it. It is important to note that this is supposed to be refrigerated after it is opened, so quality of the beverage may degrade if it is left out at room temperature or in summer heat after the bottle is open.


O.N.E. Active Coconut Water Cranberry Grapefruit smells delightfully like citrus fruits. The grapefruit scent is very inviting to one who loves grapefruit (as I am!).

Those expecting the Cranberry Grapefruit to be sour have another thing coming! O.N.E. Active Coconut Water Cranberry Grapefruit is neither sweet, nor sour, nor especially fruity. Instead, there is a slightly tart taste that chases a salty primary flavor. While not as salty as other energy drinks I have tried, the dominant flavors in the Cranberry Grapefruit are watery, salty and slightly sour. There is nothing particularly fruity to make me excited about this drink, but on the plus side, it does not taste bad. Unlike other drinks of its kind, this does not have a noticeable aftertaste and it actually does leave me feeling refreshed, with my thirst quenched!

The closest analogy I have for the taste of this is seriously diluted lemonade.


As a health or energy drink, O.N.E. Active Coconut Water Cranberry Grapefruit is designed to replenish electrolytes quickly. This particular beverage does have a decent amount of potassium, magnesium and socium, but little else in the way of nutrients. It does, however, make the consumer feel refreshed and truly energized. This might be the first time for a non-Red Bull type drink to have that type of effect on me!

Nutritionally, O.N.E. Active Coconut Water Cranberry Grapefruit is mediocre. It is primarily composed of coconut water, water, and citric acid. It contains natural flavors of cranberries and grapefruit, which explains why the taste is not richly flavored like them. That said, it is not the worst beverage one can drink as it has no fat and only 8 grams of sugar. Still, there is 130 mg (5% RDA) of sodium in each serving. The drink is surprisingly devoid of vitamins, but has 25 mg. magnesium.


O.N.E. Active Coconut Water Cranberry Grapefruit comes in a cardboard carton and it keeps for a few months. The carton my wife purchased for me the first week in January expired early on February 3, 2012. Stored in a cool place, it ought to be fine at least until its expiration date.

This drink is a light purple color, but if it gets on light fabrics it will certainly stain them. Consult a care guide for your clothes, though I suspect light clothes would need bleach to get this out. Still, the drink wipes off surfaces easily with a cloth, assuming they are impermeable.


O.N.E. Active Coconut Water Cranberry Grapefruit is an actually-enjoyable energy drink that is well worth picking up. Considering my wife and I found it at Big Lots for only fifty cents a carton, this may well be a great energy drink for those looking for a less pricy alternative to Gatorade!

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