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Your Basic, Slowly Yellowing Snowtrooper Is The Power Of The Force First Attempt!

The Good: Decent figure coloring, Very inexpensive, Decent detailing
The Bad: Yellowing plastic, Balance issues.
The Basics: The Power Of The Force Snowtrooper is a decent staple Star Wars figure for any Imperial army, though it is weathering poorly.

It might seem like I have reviewed the Snowtrooper before now, but the Snowtrooper action figures are actually pretty much a staple in the Imperial army, so they tend to get recast in every new generation of Star Wars figure! As a result, I was actually somewhat surprised to discover that I had never reviewed the basic, modern, Snowtrooper from the Power Of The Force toy line. This review will rectify that oversight!

For those unfamiliar with the Snowtrooper, these were the armored soldiers of the Empire seen on the ice planet of Hoth at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back (click here for my review!). They look surprisingly like Klansmen with their domed helmets and skirt-like cape.

The 4" Snowtrooper figure is a very average action figure and unfortunately, they have begun to yellow like the stormtroopers produced by Kenner at the same time. On the Snowtrooper, though, the yellowing does not seem as severe as it comes with weather marks on it already!


The Snowtrooper is a good support figure for anyone's Star Wars action figure collection as it is a generic Imperial toy. The Snowtrooper figure stands 4" tall to the top of his helmet. This is a decent replica of the Snowtrooper and it is detailed colored lights for the controls on the front of the armor as well as things like straps on the boots. Rather coolly, this Power Of The Force Stormtrooper has dirt and snow beads painted onto the armor, so this is not a clean Snowtrooper and play enthusiasts are likely to enjoy the realism of the figure.

This toy is an awesome sculpt, looking precisely like the Imperial Snowtrooper. The Snowtrooper is exceptional in its coloring detail, which is pretty easy when one considers that the figure is basically monochromatic. That said, Kenner added coloring to things like the pouches on the Snowtrooper’s belt. The Snowtrooper is detailed fairly well in the molded details, as well as the coloring details. This sculpt includes a removable backpack and a very stiff descending cape.


The Snowtrooper, basic shocktrooper for the Empire that he is, comes only with a standard Imperial blaster. The 1” blaster is identical to the ones found with Stormtroopers and several other Imperial figures from the Power Of The Force line. It is monotonal black and actually clashes some with the richness of colors of the figure itself.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and the Snowtrooper is good in that regard. The figure is mildly articulated, but it has mediocre balance, at least when the figure’s feet are moved even slightly out of a flatfooted position. This Snowtrooper has only five points of articulation, with swivel joints at the groin socket, shoulders and waist.


The Snowtrooper is part of the Power Of The Force four-inch series, a series of Star Wars action figures that was exceptionally common. This was a pegwarmer at the time and was massively overproduced. Now, it remains easy to find on the secondary market and may be easily and inexpensively replaced should yours start yellowing.


The Power Of The Force Snowtrooper is a fair figure made of inferior materials that may nevertheless be an asset to those who play with or display their Star Wars action figures!

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