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Peter’s Nature Treats Apple Slices For Rabbits Are A Decent, But Baffling, Treat For Rabbits.

The Good: Daisy loves them, Very healthy.
The Bad: Vastly more expensive than the human equivalent
The Basics: Save your money on Peter’s Nature Treats Apple Slices; you can get bulk food apple slices for your rabbit for far less money!

A few days ago, I had to pick up dog and cat food and I zipped out during my lunch hour to pick it up from our local pet supply store. I went there because I like supporting small businesses and they were cool enough to send me a coupon good for money off my entire purchase and I was in a super-thrifty mood that day. But as I loaded the cart up with goodies for Myah and Gollum, I thought of poor Daisy. Daisy unexpectedly enjoyed her Fruit Chews (reviewed here!) that I picked up for her for the recent holiday. But, I felt bad that I was getting stuff for the other two animals, but not Daisy. So, I grabbed a bag of Peter’s Nature Treats Apple Slices for Daisy, hoping she might like them.

Daisy loves them.

Daisy is a two year-old black dwarf rabbit who has been irritable for about a year now. She became asocial when, on the first Christmas she was part of our family, she abruptly had a stillborn. My wife was irked at the pet shop (ironically, the same one I picked up the Apple Slices at), whereas I was just happy to finally have proof that Daisy was a girl. Since then, though, Daisy has been rather handshy and skittish and I have felt bad. My solution to her behavior – which requires us to keep her in her cage most of the time – is to express affection through treats. On that front, the Peter’s Nature Treats Apple Slices certainly deliver!

Peter’s Nature Treats Apple Slices are exactly what their name implies. The 1 oz. orange plastic bag houses approximately twenty dried apple slices of various sizes and shapes. They are universally about 1/8” thick and an almost orange color. They are soft and they smell only faintly like apples. The moment I remove one from its bag and present it to Daisy, our handshy rabbit will bound over – in her cage or when she is out on the floor – and grab it away from us. When she starts chewing one of these Apple Slices, she does not stop until she is finished, even if she has to carry the Apple Slice to another room!

With only dehydrated apples as an ingredient, Peter’s Nature Treats Apple Slices are 100% natural and are great for the nutrition of a rabbit. With a minimum of 1% crude protein and crude fat and no more than 8% crude fiber and 18% moisture, Peter’s Nature Treats Apple Slices are remarkably good for rabbits. Rather surprisingly, the sealed bag would last a little over a year, as the bag I recently purchased has an expiration date of February 2013! While being very good for rabbits, I have noticed that Daisy hits the water pretty hard as soon as she is done devouring one of these treats, so I highly recommend making sure your rabbit has an adequate water source available to them prior to giving them these Apple Slices.

So, if these are so healthy and Daisy loves them so much, why am I so down on Peter’s Nature Treats Apple Slices? It’s all about the money. Peter’s Nature Treats Apple Slices run $4.50 for a 1 oz. bag at my local pet store. I was in a hurry when I bought them; I was on my lunch break and my boss is pretty . . . loud about workers who take more than the thirty minutes they are allotted. So, I grabbed something I thought she might like and I got back to work. But $4.50 for 1 oz. of dehydrated apples?! Was I crazy?! Is Peter’s? For $8.99 at the local grocery store where they have an awesome bulk food section, I can get a full pound of dried apples. Yes, for the price of two bags (less, because as a human food, I wouldn’t be charged tax!), I can get Daisy eight times as much of the treat she loves. Why would I ever pay for this version again?

The answer, of course, is that I will not. But if you don’t have a great grocery store like Wegman’s around you – or if the price of bulk dried apples is ridiculously expensive where you are – I could see why Peter’s Natural Treats Apple Slices would be a good idea. Daisy loved them and with how they make her momentarily sociable, these could be a great treat for your rabbit as well!

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