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Outrageous Music For More Than Just Nerds: Monty Python Sings!

The Good: Hilarious, Irreverent, Well-written!
The Bad: Ethnically offensive in parts
The Basics: Monty Python Sings is a must for anyone with a sense of humor as it endures after multiple listens!

When the name "Monty Python" is said, one of two images spring to mind: John Cleese or pimply teenagers. The truth is, almost every geek in the world lives on the humor of the British comedy troupe Monty Python and if you want to sniff out a geek, just lead with the phrase "We are the knights who say . . ." And they'll cut you off with "Ni!"

Monty Python Sings is the essential humor album for the geek. Odds are if you're a geek and reading this, you have the album, have a friend who has it, or have it on order from some on-line store. And you should be proud you own it - it's funny. This album comprises the most famous - and outrageous - songs put together by the Monty Python comedy troupe on their program Monty Python's Flying Circus as well as songs from their movies, like "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life" from The Life of Brian.

So if you're not a geek, what possible appeal is there for you on this album? Monty Python's songs are ten times funnier than anything you've ever heard and one hundred times funnier than anything on television today. Unlike the musical stylings of, say, Adam Sandler, that are a fad, Monty Python is consistently, timelessly funny. Moreover, unlike something like the Capitol Steps, where they make hilarious songs based on current politics, the songs on Monty Python Sings are less topical and thus likely to appeal to more people. Even the titles are funny! If you're not intrigued by the name "Every Sperm Is Sacred" you're either humorless or dead.

The fact is, these songs were scandalous when they were first released and today they're still funny! No one today would dare to release the playful jingle "Penis Song (Not the Noel Coward Song)" and in days when people put so much stock in the economy it's hard not to laugh at it with "Money Song." The lyrics are funny and some of the rhymes are impressive. In fact, despite the obscene grossness of the "Medical Love Song," anyone who has ever tried to write must sit back and be amazed at the rhymes they managed to come up with. "Medical Love Song" manages to rhyme every known STD and do it while keeping a tune!

The only drawback is some of the songs are offensive and the album isn't in good taste. It's difficult to look at "Never Be Rude To An Arab" objectively. The catharsis from this, of course, comes in the resolution to the song. And I've never been one to worry about what is and is not considered "good taste." The fact is, the boys from Monty Python manage to put together an impressive array of humable songs while still being funny, or in the case of "The Oliver Cromwell Song," educational.

Leave decorum at the door and bring your sense of humor and you'll discover something both hilarious and intelligent. And at the core, the satirical, even scandalous, elements are backed up by being witty and smart. Even after two decades, these songs are sharp!

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