Sunday, November 13, 2011

Suspicions Rise In "Whispers," Not Roars

The Good: Character, Plot, Acting
The Bad: Nothing significant, though it replays less perfectly.
The Basics: An excellent episode that involves a mystery focusing on O'Brien, "Whispers" finds O'Brien uncovering a conspiracy aboard Deep Space Nine.

I'm not going to ruin the end of "Whispers" for you. It's an excellent episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and the end is a pleasant surprise. It's a shocker. It builds to the end, it's perfectly paced and the end works very well.

"Whispers" is a mystery. Chief O'Brien returns from a mission to find everyone on Deep Space Nine treating him differently. Sisko is suspicious, Bashir is medically overprotective and Jake displays confusion and paranoia when relating to the engineer. O'Brien is denied access to critical negotiations and when Odo returns to the station from wherever he's been, O'Brien desperately enlists his aid. It doesn't take long for Them to get Odo, too.

So, who is "Them?" What's going on? I'm not saying, it comes down to the last minute of the episode, but everything comes together, mystery solved.

The acting is excellent. Colm Meany, especially, plays O'Brien with fear, longing and desperation. His actions fit his character and the real sense of being turned on by his comrades is played out expertly throughout the episode.

To say more about the episode would ruin it and it's SUCH a good episode, the paranoid flight of O'Brien trying to piece together the mystery of what happened to everyone on DS9 is well acted by all involved. The characters all act in character and it's a precisely written episode. Take a look, you won't be disappointed.

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