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A Cool Enough Astromech Droid, The R4-D6 Build-A-Droid Figure Is Worthwhile!

The Good: Great coloring detail, Articulation as good as it can be, Good balance, Good investment value
The Bad: The only way to assemble is through some pretty lame Legacy Collection figures . . .
The Basics: The Legacy Collection Build-A-Droid R4-D6 createsan Astromech droid that can support you Rebel Alliance!

Ever since I assembled my first Star Wars Build-A-Droid figure, I have been eager to assemble another. So, it was with that in mind that I hunted down the last of the 2008 Legacy Collection Star Wars action figures that I needed to complete the R4-D6 Astromech Droid. Honestly, the R4-D6 figure is nowhere near as cool as the HK-50 (reviewed here!) that I’ve had killing off many of my figures.

The 4" R4-D6 is a super-articulated figure from the 2008 Legacy Collection and it is a decent support Astromech Droid, but has little to distinguish it from other Astromech droids. This one, however, was actually in A New Hope (reviewed here!). If R4-D6 does not sound familiar, it is because it was never called by name and only appears in the background scenes during the preparation for the Battle Of Yavin.


R4-D6 stands 2 5/8" tall to the top of its head. R4-D6 is sculpted based on the standard Astromech Droid, with a conical – instead of domed – head. Outside the head and coloring, it is virtually identical to the best sculpts of R2-D2 or R2-X2 (reviewed here!). The body of the droid is barrel-shaped and it has two legs. He legs are nicely detailed in that they have the wires on the feet molded right into the droid! The head has the standard R2-type sensor panel as well as the cone-like port that R2-D2 had.

R4-D6 is colored with pretty amazing attention to detail. This Navy blue droid is highlighted by lighter steel-colored panels and darker accents to give it a sense that this droid was assembled in a factory. Even what appears to be a fan at the front bottom of the barrel trunk is meticulously painted with the dark recessed area not bleeding out into the “guards” for the fan! This is a very clean Astromech droid.


R4-D6 does not come with any accessories, which makes sense because it does not have any hands!


The four inch toy line was designed for play and R4-D6 is great in that regard. As an Astromech droid, the figure has wonderful balance. Flatfooted, R4-D6 is entirely solid, and because it has the central foot to balance the two side feet.

R4-D6 holds up well in the articulation department, which is a surprise for such a simple droid figure. This droid has simple swivel joints at the ankles for the side legs, “shoulder” joint and head. As an added play feature, the boxlike feet have wheels to allow one to move it across a flat surface easily.


R4-D6 is part of the Legacy Collection line that was released in 2008 and it is one of the easiest ones to assemble, largely because it was packaged in parts with so many lame figures, like yet another recast of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Still, there are people who bought all of the standard figures needed to assemble R4-D6 and sell him assembled in the secondary market. His value there is fair and is likely to remain high unless this figure ends up packaged on a card of its own in the future.


R4-D6 is a remarkably average Astromech droid that might not be worth hunting down all of the figures to assemble, but does flesh out more of the Star Wars universe!

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