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"Invasive Procedures" Is An Invasive Episode Of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!

The Good: Good character, Reasonable plot
The Bad: Poor continuity, Uncertain acting
The Basics: Good for fans of the series, "Invasive Procedures" is not terribly interesting for those who are not. Not recommended because it is very insular.

One of the most sinister bottle episodes, "Invasive Procedures" opens with the station abandoned and a strange plasma storm moving in. The very first plot weakness is here; the last episode ended with personnel returning. Why return them only to open the next week with them gone? It's silly.

It doesn't take long for something to happen of course. In this case, the few people who are left on the station are plagued by an organized boarding party who utilizes the lack of people to . . . steal Dax. The next Dax episode following "Dax" (reviewed here!) involves a crazed Trill named Verad coming to steal the symbiont from Jadzia. The situation quickly turns into an esoteric hostage situation where the command crew (plus Quark) are trapped in Ops while Dr. Bashir operates on Verad and Jadzia down in the infirmary.

The episode is strong on actors, but not acting. Verad is played expertly by John Glover and his love interest is played with more uncertainty by Megan Gallagher. But more than the guest stars, it's the regulars who don't live up in this episode. Terry Farrell seems remarkably low key and Colm Meany doesn't appear to be giving his all as O'Brien.

The level of character that is portrayed, however, is good. Sisko is reasonable and Verad is clearly desperate and hurt. But one of the shining character moments is also one of the most simple; in a scene between Dax and Bashir, we're reminded quite potently of all of Julian's hopes and fears and the scene is surprisingly good.

Finally, the medical aspects are quite questionable and it's been too long since I've seen the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Host" (reviewed here!) to know if it has continuity there. But the most profound disappointment is in the follow-up; there are more Dax episodes and Verad isn't mentioned again, as far as I remember.

This episode isn't bad, but it's definitely more for fans of Dax and Star Trek Deep Space Nine than a general audience.

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