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Worst Digital Camera Ever? The Sakar Digital Cam 91372 Certainly Gets My Vote!

The Good: Accompanying software is easy to use.
The Bad: Does not take clear pictures, Burns through batteries especially fast, No flash/zoom, Poor picture quality.
The Basics: Despite being incredibly cheap and easy to use, the net result of the Sakar Digital Cam 91372 digital camera, are blurry pictures that are not worth uploading.

I pride myself on writing thorough reviews.  I think that an educated customer is the best possible consumer and the more information one has going into any sort of purchase or experience, the better off they will be.  But sometimes, I encounter something with such a crippling flaw as to make any additional information I would write about the subject pointless.  That is exactly where I am on the Sakar Digital Cam 91372 digital camera.

A few months ago, my wife and I made a day trip to Albany and while there, we stopped at a Toys R Us.  My wife is very thoughtful and when she saw a digital camera on clearance for $10, she thought it might be ideal for me for my online business; getting products photographed and uploaded quicker.  I've been using my Fuji FinePix (reviewed here!) for the past few years and while that has been working fine for me, I thought it was sweet that she wanted to do something for my business and I was not about to refuse her kindness.  Now, though, I just wish we had our ten dollars back!

The Sakar Digital Cam 91372 digital camera is a very simple, very basic digital camera.  It does not have a flash or a digital screen.  Instead, it has a viewfinder much like the most basic disposable camera and an LCD panel that simply shows what picture number one is on.  The lens is covered by a sliding shield.  When the shield is slid away from the lens, the camera is turned on and all one needs is to do to take pictures is press the button on the top of the camera.

The Sakar Digital Cam 91372 digital camera is powered by two AAA batteries and it is light and simple to use.  It comes with the software needed to upload the images one takes to the computer as well as the USB cable that makes the connection.

That's about all of the patience I have to write about the Sakar Digital Cam 91372 digital camera.  The reason for not wanting to detail more about this cheap camera than that is simple.  I took over one hundred pictures with the Sakar Digital Cam 91372 digital camera to test it out.  Indoors, outdoors, with artificial light, no matter how I tried to take pictures, the results were universally blurry.  Not one picture out of the hundred came out clear.  When the closest I can get is "remotely clear," it is impossible to recommend anybody buy one.  Given that there is no focus feature on this digital camera, the Sakar Digital Cam 91372 digital camera is worthless in that the results are not in focus.

This camera does not produce results that are anywhere near worthwhile.  Those who might be tempted to use a cheap digital camera like this as a party favor or something on the tables at ones wedding to get lots of pictures, it is easy to recommend against.  There is inexpensive and there is cheap and while there are plenty of technical details about the Sakar Digital Cam 91372 digital camera that I have omitted, the result is always crappy, blurry pictures that are not worth keeping.

Ultimately, that makes the Sakar Digital Cam 91372 digital camera not worth buying, even for children.

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