Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Utter Disappointment From Just Born: Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps Fail!

The Good: ? Chocolate tastes mostly like chocolate?
The Bad: Low on taste, Seasonal availability makes people think they're something great, Lack of nutritional value, Comparatively expensive.
The Basics: Peeps Milk Chocolate Dipped marshmallow candies are surprisingly bland and comparatively expensive, making them exceptionally easy to not recommend.

It was not too long ago that I decided to put my two cents into the ring about Peeps marshmallow candies (check out that review here!). I didn't make any new friends with that review, that's for sure. I suspect I won't be making any new ones with my review of Peeps Milk Chocolate Dipped marshmallow candies either. These candies, new in 2011 are one of the least inspired variations Just Born has come out with and as such, they can be very safely avoided.


Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps are a marshmallow candy that were introduced in 2011 during the Easter Season. Thus far, they are a pack of three yellow Peeps chicks with about 1/8" milk chocolate on the underside of the chick. These are not coated in chocolate all the way around (there is another product for that) and they were released by Just Born. The three pack of Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps tended to run $1.49 - $1.99, which is about twice the average price of a four-pack of the regular peeps.

Each Milk Chocolate Dipped Peep is almost two inches long by 3/4" wide by 3/4" tall and they are sugar-coated marshmallow candies with a very thin chocolate shell on the underside.

Ease Of Preparation

Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps are pretty simple to prepare. Simply unwrap the plastic on the plastic container and pull that out. Each of the Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps is contained within its own plastic shell. Unlike the regular Peeps, the Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps tend not to have their sugar fall off. As a result, they seem to be more clean and simple to eat; simply remove it from the package and eat it!


Peeps Milk Chocolate candies smell like milk chocolate. The chocolate bouquet dominates, but it smells exactly like what one might predict; inexpensive, mass produced chocolate.

Sadly, on the tongue, these candies are nothing extraordinary. The chocolate flavor is light and milk chocolate and much of the chocolate actually flakes off as one eats them. The flavor of chocolate is entirely muted, though, when the tongue comes into contact with the sugar crystals. The generic sugar flavor entirely overwhelms the chocolate dip that is the bottom of the Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps.


Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps make no claims to be healthy. This is a good thing because they would fail if they did! The three Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps in a package are a single serving. A serving has 160 calories, thirty of which are from fat. There is 15 mg of sodium and only 1 gram of protein. There are no vitamins or other nutritional benefits to Peeps, outside 2% of one's RDA of Calcium and Iron.

This is because Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps are a candy. The main ingredients in Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps are sugar, milk chocolate and corn syrup. Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps are gluten free and are not Vegan compliant considering there is gelatin, milk and carnuba wax. There is nothing overly unfamiliar in the ingredient list, so these are not the worst candies ever.


Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps are easy enough to store. The Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps I surprised my wife with late last week had an expiration date of March 2012, so keeping them at room temperature or below seems to keep them fresh for a long period of time.

Clean-up is as easy, unless the chocolate melts onto something. Because the sugar does not seem inclined to fall off, truly the melting chocolate - or the melting Peep - is the only real worry. Like the preparation, there is nothing hard about storing or cleaning up after this candy.


Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps are unusually expensive for no great return on the taste front. They are easy to avoid and I would not be surprised if they are not available for the 2012 holiday season (or beyond).

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