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An Anti-Bacterial Soap Worth Stocking Up On: Bath & Body Works' Mango Margarita Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Works!

The Good: Wonderful smell, Cleans efficiently, Lathers well
The Bad: Expensive when purchased at full price.
The Basics: Bath & Body Works' Mango Margarita Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap works amazingly well, making it an ideal clearance pick!

After the last two days when I have inadvertently shellacked Bath & Body Works for a couple of seasonal items that are vastly overpriced and largely ineffective (like the Halloween Pumpkin Soap Dispenser reviewed here!), I thought I'd go through my inventory of things waiting to be reviewed and find something from Bath & Body Works that I like quite a bit to review. Fortunately, that is not actually a difficult task, as my wife buys a lot of products at the store when they are on sale and there are, despite my curmudgeon tone in some of the recent reviews, many that I actually like quite a bit. One of them is the Bath & Body Works Mango Margarita Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap.

It bears noting right away that the only thing honestly wrong with this product is the price. I avoided that issue when my wife bought the 8 oz. bottle at the Annual Yellow Sale for 75% off. $1.25 is a great price for this liquid hand soap, but I shutter to think of paying the full five dollar sticker price to receive so little. Even so, this is one of the better hand soaps Bath & Body Works has produced and it was released as part of their summer line. Given how many were in the clearance at the Yellow Sale, I have to wonder if it will be returning in 2012.

But it ought to. Mango Margarita is a very effective liquid hand soap. As always, it is worth noting that I am not a microbiologist, so my evaluation of Bath & Body Works Mango Margarita Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap is predicated on the comment that I have not looked at the results of using this soap under a microscope, so the most I can say about the anti-bacterial properties is that I have not gotten sick since using this soap three months ago, so it does appear to kill bacteria. That said, I have a strong belief in the company's self-interest approach and I suspect it would be devastating to Bath & Body Works for any news to ever come to light that its anti-bacterial products weren't. So, I have to assume that the anti-bacterial formulations actually work.

That said, Bath & Body Works Mango Margarita Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap comes in an 8 fl. oz. pump bottle with a price tag of $5.00, regular price. The bottle is taller than it is squat, so while it might tip easier, it leaves a smaller footprint on sinks and bathing areas. Also, the height of the bottle is nice in that it towers over many other health and beauty products one might have on their sink, making one more inclined to use the product and providing easier access to it.

The soap itself is a pineapple yellow color with tiny dark blue cleansing beads suspended in it. It is surprisingly viscous for a hand soap, but manages to have good leg, so it coats well and spreads over the skin easily. To dispense the soap, simply press down on the top of the pump and have a hand below the spout to catch the fluid as it is released!

I am no expert on mangoes or margaritas. In fact, my only recent experience with either would be with the Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors of the same type (Mango reviewed here, Margarita is reviewed here!). And yet, one of the real strengths of Bath & Body Works Mango Margarita Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap is that it smells precisely like the sweet, subtle scent of mango. The light, vaguely citrus scent is augmented by a slight edge of bamboo aroma, which might be what the mango margaritas smell like. Either way, the scent is delightful.

To use the Mango Margarita Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, simply apply it to your moistened hands and agitate into a lather. This hand soap has excellent lathering capabilities, at least when I've applied a little water to my hands after the soap is already dispensed. The soap lathers quickly and because it has the scrubbing bubbles, it adequately removes not only surface dirt and grime, but somewhat deeper dirt. For example, I had a little bit of oil on my hands after adding oil to my car and the Mango Margarita Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap cleaned it off completely!

Once ones hands are clean, this soap washes easily away, again because of the excellent lathering quality of the soap. The Mango Margarita washes off fast and completely with only about five seconds of a heavy stream of water pushing it!

What it does leave behind is a pretty amazing smell. Washed off the hands, the citrus of the mango and woody bottom of bamboo disappear and all that is left is a subtle coconut scent! The coconut scent tends to remain on my hands and skin for about five hours, seven if all I am doing is typing at my keyboard. The scent is instantly energizing and evocative of warm places, so as one who has a strong scent memory, this is a pretty wonderful hand soap!

What the soap does not leave behind is any sort of residue or feeling of being anything but perfectly clean. This soap leaves my hands clean and feeling clean, never dry or brittle for my skin. As winter has approached and the temperature drops this autumn, I have been very attentive to my skin and this has kept my skin clean and moisturized well enough without feeling the need to use any form of hand lotion or the like.

All in all, I find it very easy to recommend Mango Margarita Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap from Bath & Body Works, but hold out for a sale; as good as it is, it is very expensive at full price compared to other, equally effective but less chic anti-bacterial soaps.

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