Friday, September 2, 2011

Thank You For A Great First Year!!!

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Hello All!

So, a year ago today, I left my comfortable niche writing for a website that I had loved and I took the advice of someone on that site who didn't think I ought to delete my entire portfolio and I began this blog.

I can't tell you how happy I am about that.

Over the last year, I have not just moved over two thousand reviews from my old portfolio (a process that ought to be done by the end of this month!), but I have continued to grow my reviews with Brand Spankin' New reviews almost every day. And I wanted to thank you, the readers, for sticking with me and for making some of my reviews very popular here on the internet.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has read, commented, sent links to my reviews and clicked through to purchase anything through my reviews. You keep me writing. So, thank you.

The IMDB where I have gotten most of my hits from has had a little war going with my blog the last two weeks preventing me from sharing my links with people there, so my hits have, sadly, taken a hit the last few days. But on this occasion, I wanted to share some of my favorite from this first year!

If you haven't checked out these reviews, commentaries and "reviews," please take a few minutes to click on them, read and enjoy. And if you do enjoy what you read, please subscribe to the blog or e-mail the link to the article you like to friends, family, whomever!

And thank you, yet again for your support!

My favorite classic movie review remains my review of Quarantine. It you haven't read it, it is one of my attempts at humor that I think works quite well.

Lately, one of my most useful music reviews has been for Heather Nova's brand new album. 300 Days At Sea is currently available only in Europe and as fans there and in the U.S. clamor to find out anything about it, my review here has helped many people make their decision on whether or not to invest in it (you should!).

I was exceptionally pleased to discover that with the latest Harry Potter film coinciding with Hallmark's Ornament Preview weekend, two of my best-received reviews have been the exceptionally limited edition The Golden Snitch ornament (here!) and the common release Fleeing The Fiendfyre (reviewed here!). If you haven't seen one of my ornament reviews yet, be sure to check them out, they are a lot of fun and buying ornaments, like most collectibles, can go better with a guide!

As for books, while I am tempted to have everyone check out my review of Absolute Justice because it is my favorite graphic novel of all time, I have been currently impressed by Justice League: Generation Lost and if you want to get captivated by some of the most obscure characters in the DC universe, I invite you to check out my reviews of Volume 1 and Volume 2!

I am excited to say that today I finished my Best Picture Project (again!). If you haven't seen that, the index page for it is here! Next up: documentaries!

And rounding out the top reviews, I want to invite you, if you haven't yet, to check out my review of Friends With Benefits, which is my third most read review.

I am also excited that the two articles that have recieved the most hits are ones with ideas I have put forth myself. If you haven't yet read them, please do! The second most-read blog of mine since I started a year ago is my argument that Anne Hathaway is the ideal choice for a Wonder Woman movie.

And the best-received "review" since I started up last year is my "review" of the next Star Trek movie. I wrote a script, Star Trek: Machinations Of Doomsday which would make a magnificent next step for J.J. Abrams cinematic reboot. If you haven't yet read it and shared the link, I invite you to do both those things by clicking here!

Thank you again for an amazing first year! In the next few weeks, I will have all of the meta tags and keywords fixed and we will go boldly into October and the Christmas season with tons more toy, music and movie reviews and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reviews for the Trek fans! Thank you for keeping the blog going; you make it all worthwhile!

-W.L. Swarts

© 2011 W.L. Swarts. May not be reprinted without permission.

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