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The White Oranges & Cream Godiva Gems Candy Live Up To Their Name, But Are Not Extraordinary.

The Good: Good white chocolate flavor, Affordable (at least when on sale)
The Bad: Somewhat waxier than other Godiva chocolates, Not the most orange flavor.
The Basics: Godiva Gems makes White Oranges & Cream Truffles which are good, but not on the same level of quality of other Godiva chocolates.

There are so many ways I can tell my wife loves me. One of them is the fact that she has sat beside me on her laptop while I have done a two-day marathon of Star Trek: The Animated Series and not left me. Gosh, that show is absolutely terrible. She also loves me by getting me goodies to review like the Godiva Dark Mint Chocolate Chip Truffles (reviewed here!!) or the Godiva White Oranges & Cream Truffles she gave me as a random "I Love You" Day gift. The truffles are part of the affordable Godiva Gems line.

We lucked out when we found the Godiva White Oranges & Cream Truffles. The container was on clearance at Target and at 75% off it was something like $1.25. This is an obscenely low price for even a 3.4 oz. container of Godiva chocolates, so I was fairly unsurprised when she bought up a whole bunch of the different flavors in order to surprise me with later on.


Godiva, of course, is the famous fancy chocolatier that is most known for their gold-wrapped boxes of chocolates that leave men pretty much bankrupt in the pursuit of spoiling their wives, girlfriends, mistresses, etc. They make high-end chocolates, but the Godiva Gems collection seems to be their attempt to fit into the more thrifty shopping scheme of Target shoppers. Unfortunately, this plan seems to mean they are using less incredible ingredients as these are somewhat more waxy than other Godiva products I have tried.

The White Oranges & Cream Truffles come in a 3.4 oz. plastic container that is reminiscent of a plastic cup one might get at a ball game or movie theater. The plastic lid is secured with a security seal which is easy enough to get off when one is ready to enjoy the candy. The little cup has ten truffles in it, which represents 2 ½ servings. Each truffle is individually wrapped within the plastic container. Unwrapping the light orange wrapper reveals the 7/8” in diameter sphere of white chocolate that is the truffle.

Ease Of Preparation

Eating Godiva Gems White Oranges & Cream Truffles is not a real challenge. After removing the security seal, simply pull out a truffle, unwrap it and stick it in your mouth. There is no particularly complicated equation to eating these chocolates. The unwrapping of each truffle before consuming it is pretty important and obvious.


Unwrapping the truffle reveals the strong fruit scent of orange. The bouquet is exactly what one might expect of orange and the fruit scent is distinct and overbearing. There is not even the hint of white chocolate from the scent.

That scent actually dupes the consumer, though. The Godiva White Oranges & Cream Truffles feature a layer of waxy white chocolate that has almost no flavor whatsoever. That waxy chocolate melts after about thirty seconds on the tongue and the soft truffle center is then exposed. At that point, the orange flavor comes through. The only point the white and orange flavors came into anything remotely resembling a balance is when the truffle was slightly melted. Only when the truffles were near liquid did the orange flavor come through and the white chocolate tasted creamy and flavorful as opposed to waxy.


Godiva chocolates are intended as a dessert product, so anyone attempting to live off them is proceeding under a ridiculous premise! These ten truffles represent 2 ½ servings of the chocolates and those looking for real nutrition will have to look elsewhere. Made primarily of white chocolate, sorbitol and butter, there is nothing resembling an orange or orange flavoring in the ingredients. This is not an all-natural food product and these truffles were produced on equipment that forces them to add a disclaimer about peanuts, wheat and other tree nuts.

In addition to ingredients I cannot readily pronounce, Godiva's White Oranges & Cream Truffles have 210 calories, 130 of which are from fat. A full four truffle serving represents 45% of one's RDA of saturated fat and 5% of the RDA of cholesterol. Surprisingly, they are fairly low in sodium with only 35 mg per serving and there is 2 grams of protein to be had by eating a full serving. These are not a significant source of vitamins or minerals.


As a chocolate, Godiva Gems’ White Oranges & Cream Truffles are fine as long as they are stored in their container at a cool, dry temperature. My wife picked these up for me in May and they have an expiration date of March 2012, so they do have a decent shelf life. If they melt, they will not likely stain because they are so light. Otherwise, cleanup is simply throwing the foil wrapper away and recycling the plastic from the container.


Godiva White Oranges & Cream Truffles is not a terribly exciting chocolate candy and it is hard to get excited about getting more of them. Only fans of white chocolate are truly likely to enjoy these and that is only me when I am in a very specific mood.

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