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Indistinct Citrus: "Tangerine Tickle" Cleans Effectively, But Does Not Endure

The Good: Smells great, Cleans hair, Inexpensive
The Bad: Does not condition, Smell does not endure on hair
The Basics: A good shampoo, Tangerine Tickle cleans well and energizes while in the shower, but the scent fades fast afterward.

I recently quit the terrible job I had working at a factory that did pretty terrible things to my mind and body and I've been much, much happier since. In the process of leaving that job, I picked up a whole new array of shampoos and conditioners because I learned something important about myself. I can be stuck in a terrible place that smells like oil and sweat and hatred, surrounded by men for whom a sophisticated sentence is "Them parts needa git down to shippin'!" and it instantly becomes more bearable when I have a trigger to remind me that the outside world exists. For me, scents do that very well and I discovered during my tenure working in hell that a good scent on my hair could allow me a quick escape from my work environment to somewhere else.

As a result, I began to experiment with different shampoos to see what might help me escape from my work environment best. Unfortunately, Tangerine Tickle shampoo just didn't do it. Tangerine Tickle by VO5 is a decent shampoo; it cleans the hair and has a nice scent while in the shower, but that scent does not last and after a month of using it, I was pretty much glad to give it (and my job) up. I'm not saying I quit my job because Tangerine Tickle's citrus scent didn't linger on my hair and allow me little escapes from my work environment, but lacking those escapes . . . the job did seem to get worse.

My basic philosophy on shampoo is this: I want something that is inexpensive as possible that makes me feel like my hair is clean. Period. That's it. I'm not paying a ton of money on something I'm just washing down the drain (literally). The VO5 Tangerine Tickle Herbal Shampoo is an adequate shampoo; it's good, it meets the basic needs of a shampoo, even in my rating system.

With a cost of approximately $1.00 for a 15 oz. bottle, Tangerine Tickle is certainly a value. The bottle is smooth and does not have any ribbing or other texturing to it, so it does slip out of the hands easily, which is not great for a product one is using in the shower. The cap has a flip-top that makes it very easy to get the shampoo out with only one hand. I've found that once the bottle is half empty, it's easy to do this one handed without dropping the bottle.

The scent is a decent tangerine or orange smell. Honestly, I couldn't tell you the difference between an orange and a tangerine by scent, but this shampoo smells orangy and decent. I haven't smelled a tickle ever, so I'm just assuming that VO5 likes alliteration. Tangerine Tickle smells good and with its fresh, citrusy smell, it is easy to get an energized feeling when using this shampoo in the shower. With steam - I tend to like my showers very hot - the scent fills a shower or bath area with a delightful scent that is distinctly citrus. The scent alone opens up the nose and invigorates the person using it.

Like most shampoos, there is nothing mysterious to using this product. You wet your hair, lather it up with this shampoo (I use about a quarter-sized drop of the shampoo and I have long hair), and rinse. There have been one or two times I've repeated, but for the most part, this product leaves one's hair feeling light and clean after the first rinse, assuming one rinses thoroughly. This shampoo rinses out rather well and leaves the hair with a mild scent of tangerines or oranges that lasts about an hour in normal activity.

Having discovered the joy of good-smelling hair, how short the scent of Tangerine Tickle endures is rather disappointing. Because I lived almost an hour away from my work, even if I showered right before leaving for it to get energized for the unbearable experience, by the time I reached the factory, the scent had dissipated. So, for those who like scents that come and go pretty quickly, this might be a great product for you. And I'm not saying I want to walk around with my hair smelling like it is perfumed, but when I bury my nose in my pony tail, it would be nice to smell something other than that factory. Other shampoos did that, but not Tangerine Tickle.

Moreover, even outside that abrasive environment, I quickly discovered that the scent fades ridiculously quickly. This is a good shampoo for cleaning, but not leaving a scent memory for the user.

Moreover, Tangerine Tickle does not dry out my hair, nor does it leave it with any greasy residue. It's a perfectly balanced product for normal hair, just as it advertises. As well, a bottle goes a long way. One bottle lasts me about a month and if I can escape with paying only $15.00 a year for shampoo, that's pretty wonderful.

Working in a pretty horrendous environment gave me a great way to test Tangerine Tickle for conditioning properties. While the shampoo does not dry out hair, it also does not protect it, which pretty much necessitates getting a conditioner as well. On its own - for two weeks I used Tangerine Tickle without a conditioner for testing purposes - Tangerine Tickle cleans, but it does not prevent split ends of prevent atmospheric elements from affecting hair. So, a conditioner is rather helpful.

Regardless, Tangerine Tickle is a wonderful option for those of us who want to look and smell good (at least for an hour) but who do not want to spend a lot of money to do it. I've spent a lot more at various points in my life to get the same results. These days, I just go with what works and this does.

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