Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oxyfresh Dental Gel Works As Promised!

The Good: Easy to apply, Generally inoffensive smell, Works, Does not excessively dry out tissues, No taste
The Bad: Smell is a little bothersome, Slight drying of adjacent tissues.
The Basics: Oxyfresh Dental Gel lives up to its promise to deodorize and mildly numb pain on mouth wounds with minimal side effects, making it a worthwhile product!

A little while back, I cut my lip fairly bad (the second time in my life I've put a tooth through my lip) and in addition to wanting the wound to heal quickly, I wanted the pain to subside. It was to deal with both of those things that my dentist recommended Oxyfresh Dental Gel. Oxyfresh comes in a 1 oz. tube, like a cosmetics or toothpaste tube, with a simple screw on cap. The stated goals of this product are to deodorize dental infections, relieve pain and keep tissue at the damage clean and somewhat dry (so it might heal).

Dental Gel is a clear gel that comes out of the tube about the consistency of the standard toothpaste or antibacterial ointment. It may be easily applied to a finger or cotton swab to apply to gum or lip damage (I used it on my lip and on the gums under a cracked tooth). Oxyfresh Dental Gel is easy to apply, smoothly going over ruptured flesh with the ease of a gel-style lip balm. In my experience, it never hurt to apply the Dental Gel and it did not need to be worked into skin to work.

Oxyfresh has an inoffensive taste, in fact it is virtually tasteless. And it does exactly as it promises. Within five minutes of applying to either my lip or gums, pain subsided. My lip wound healed within a week, but within two days of beginning treatment with Oxyfresh Dental Gel, the lip wound was small enough to escape notice by most people looking for it.

This product smells for about the first three minutes after it is applied and the only reference point I have for its scent is Oxy anti-acne cream. It smells just like that.

Using Oxyfresh Dental Gel on my lips, I ran into the small problem that while it worked perfectly at keeping my wound both dry and supple (dry helps the wounds, supple helps the lips keep from cracking), tissue over a centimeter away from the wound began to dry out. This was easily dealt with using some Blistex lip protectant, but needing that extra protection might be a detraction for others.

The primary ingredients in this are deionized water, xylitol, and Chondrus Crispus. Those who have allergies should consult with a doctor or the full packaging before using. As I have none, I found no adverse effects from using this.

Oxyfresh Dental Gel did exactly what it promised; it relieved the pain in my lips and gums, helped my mouth heal faster and did so without any offensive tastes or smells. Who could ask for more?

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