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Kahlua Coffee Mocha Flavor Is No Flavor, But Coffee (It’s Still All Right).

The Good: Excellent aroma, Tastes fine, Caffeinated.
The Bad: Doesn't taste like Kahlua or mocha.
The Basics: Despite my love for Kahlua and mocha flavorings, Kahlua coffee left me feeling underwhelmed, though it tasted all right and like decent coffee.

My wife might fight with me about the amount of time I spend reviewing, but it is impossible for me to say she does not support my career as a reviewer. This is because while she might begrudge me time away to watch movies or write reviews or post reviews when we go out, she is almost-constantly getting me new things that she thinks I will enjoy and that she wants me to review. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is! For Christmas, she decided (apparently) that she wanted to boost my food and toy reviewing credibility by gifting me baskets of new foods and toys. One of the first ones I have gotten around to reviewing is the new Kahlua Mocha coffee that she got me and we shared this morning.

Despite the fact that I do not drink alcohol any more, I have long loved the flavor of Kahlua and my wife knows that. So, when she bought me Kahlua Mocha flavored coffee for our winter holiday, it was exceptionally sweet. From the moment I opened the vacuum -sealed pack, I was entranced. The smell of coffee and Kahlua was evenly mixed and enticing!


Kahlua Coffee has a couple different flavors, apparently, and my wife appropriately guessed I would enjoy the mocha flavor. It was a fair guess; I love mocha flavored things and I do enjoy Kahlua. I also love coffee. It should have been a perfect storm of flavor and I wish it had lived up to my hopes. Unfortunately, neither my wife nor I were truly overwhelmed by the flavor of the mocha flavored Kahlua Coffee.

Kahlua Coffee comes ground in a foil bag and my wife started us out with the 1.5 oz. sample bag (about a dollar at Target before the holidays). The brown bag is easy enough to open and the one-pound standard package is resealable.

Ease Of Preparation

Kahlua Coffee is easy-enough to prepare. One Tablespoon of the Mocha Kahlua Coffee makes two cups of coffee. We brewed up our full pot in our Hamilton Beach coffee maker (reviewed here!). The Mocha coffee comes pre-ground and smells wonderful and it is easy enough to scoop out and into a filter.


My wife started us out with clean mugs, but when I first smelled the coffee, it smelled more like Saltine crackers than Kahlua. Even so, the Kahlua coffee, after a few smells, does have the rich, chocolate liquor smell of Kahlua.

As for the taste, the bitter taste of coffee is the dominate taste of the Kahlua coffee. The coffee flavor is very obvious, strong and lacks the impression of the flavors of Kahlua or other flavors to it. It is a very average coffee flavor.

With a teaspoon of sugar, the mocha and Kahlua flavors comes out enough to insinuate that it might match the scent of the coffee. With a flavored creamer, the coffee is overwhelmed and the mocha and Kahlua flavors are overwhelmed. With a little bit of sugar, the mocha flavor is better than when the coffee is black, but coffee is still the dominant flavor.


The ingredients to this coffee are strangely vague. There is coffee, natural and artificial flavors, but nothing more descriptive than that.

In terms of nutrition, this coffee lacks any. One 8 oz. mug of this coffee provides nothing of nutritional value to the drinker. There are no calories (save what one adds from sugar or milk), no fat, sodium, or protein. The caffeine, however, is strong enough to perk one up! This is an energizing, flavorful beverage.


Kahlua Coffee tea is very easy to clean up after - the coffee grounds may be disposed in the garbage, or composted if you have a good garden and/or compost pile. The coffee itself is a very dark coffee and it will stain delicate fabrics, so if it spills, it ought to be cleaned right off things like tablecloths or light cottons.


Kahlua Coffee is very average. It is not nearly as flavorful as one who loves Kahlua or mocha might hope. But it is all right. It is nothing superlative, but it made for a night gift.

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