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Daisy's Mixed-Bag Treat: The Super Pet Combo Chew Is Half Amazing, Half Worthless!

The Good: The loofah pieces, Fits perfectly on the Treat-K-Bob
The Bad: Daisy does not use the apple wood sticks at all.
The Basics: Super Pet's Combo Chew pack for small animals is only half used by my rabbit Daisy, making it a tougher sell than I would have liked.

As many of my loyal readers know, my wife and I have a dog, a cat (previously two) and a rabbit. Back in October, we suffered a real emotional setback when our rabbit, Rowe, died unexpectedly. But before Thanksgiving, my wife expressed a desire to add a rabbit back into our family and we picked up Daisy. When we did, I was eager to make sure we were treating Daisy well and not simply comparing her to Rowe. For me, part of the differentiation (despite Rowe being a brown and white mini-lop and Daisy being a little black dwarf rabbit) was in getting Daisy some new toys to play with. The first one we bought for her was the Super Pet Combo Chew pack for her Treat-K-Bob (reviewed here!).

The Combo Chew pack consists of sixteen pieces, eight of which are apple wood sticks, eight of which are loofah bits. Both the apple wood sticks and the loofah bits feature a 1/8" hole in the center so they may be easily mounted on the Treat-K-Bob. All of the sticks and loofah bits in ours easily fit on the metal dowel when we tried (though only eight at a time would fit given the Treat-K-Bob's length).

The apple wood sticks are the problem with the Combo Chew pack. The apple wood sticks are 3" long by 1/4" in diameter sticks made of apple wood. These are designed to help rabbits enjoy gnawing, which keeps their teeth from growing to an uncomfortable length for them. While Daisy is not much of a chewer, she has exhibited a strong antipathy toward chewing on the apple wood dowels. Instead, she chews cardboard, wood trim and a box we have in her cage with her, all of which are as thick or thicker than the apple wood sticks.

What saves this product are the loofah pieces. The pack comes with eight natural loofah pieces. Each one is a 1" by 1" square in a puzzle piece shape. They are brightly colored in individual colors, like yellow, red, blue, green and orange, which make them very easy to find. For some strange reason, Daisy has gnawed apart almost the entire green and blue ones, while playing more with the ones on the red/yellow end of the color spectrum. These loofah gourd puzzle pieces interlock to form a box, which Daisy enjoys tossing around and tearing apart (it can easily be rebuilt) and she has gotten hours of play and snack value out of them. When they get wet, they dry in a larger shape and Daisy enjoyed playing with the puffed up versions as well!

Both treat/toys are entirely safe for rabbits and help foster healthy teeth and gums. But because Daisy won't touch half of the contents of this pack, it is hard to enthusiastically recommend it. If one has a rabbit more into chewing, perhaps the apple wood dowels would make this a value. As it is, it's half a hit with Daisy and if I look to get her more, it will just be more loofah snack/toys and not this pack.

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