Monday, December 6, 2010

A Final Tribute To Rowe: The Treat-K-Bob Endures For Many Rabbits!

The Good: Inexpensive, Durable, Simple
The Bad: Rusting already
The Basics: The Treat-K-Bob is an entertainment system for rabbits and small animals that is surprisingly cool!

Some months ago, the first rabbit that my wife and I had, Rowe, died abruptly – probably from an infection from a fight she had with our cat, Gollum. Since then, we’ve been in mourning and while I’ve been cautious about opening up again, my wife decided yesterday that she wanted a new furry friend. This is probably, in part, because I will be away so much with my new job starting next week. Either way, yesterday, Daisy came into our lives and one may expect a few new rabbit product reviews forthcoming then. Last night, though, as I pulled out all of the stuff we still had from Rowe in order to accommodate Daisy, I discovered there was a product that I had not yet reviewed of Rowe’s! That was the Treat-K-Bob from Ware Manufacturing.

The Treat-K-Bob is an exceptionally simple device, almost deceptively simple. It is a 6” long contraption which is basically a metal dowel with a clasp on one end and a bell on the other. It is made entirely of stainless steel and its purpose is clear: the Treat-K-Bob is designed to hold rabbit toys suspended so the rabbit may play and gnaw objects held on there and enjoy ringing the bell. I still remember Rowe ringing the bell at two or three in the morning as she would play at night.

The clasp end of the Treat-K-Bob is a 1” loop which has a twist clasp. Opening the clasp allows one to hang the Treat-K-Bob up over the crossbars in a standard rabbit cage. To insure it stays there, simply twist the clasp closed. No matter how vigorously a rabbit plays with the Treat-K-Bob, it will not come off the cage, unless the rabbit actually manages to break the cage. That is a very low risk.

The bottom of the Treat-K-Bob has a similar clasp. This allows the pet owner to remove the bell and the support disc at the bottom. Removing those two things makes the Treat-K-Bob into a pretty simple metal dowel upon which rabbit toys may be placed. Ware Manufacturing includes three wooden blocks which are brightly colored to go on the Treat-K-Bob and most manufacturers have toys which have holes in them so they may be placed on the Treat-K-Bob. When the goodies or toys – like the salt licks I reviewed here! – are on the Treat-K-Bob, simply twist the reclasp the bottom of the device onto the main dowel and, like the top, the rabbit will not be able to get it apart.

Rowe played with her Treat-K-Bob for the six months she was alive and last night, Daisy began playing with it, too. This is very durable and as long as one has blocks or other toys to put on it, rabbits actually seem to love playing with it!

My only note against the Treat-K-Bob was that there was some rust on Rowe’s and that surprised me. I suspect some of that came from being packed away, but the idea that the device could rust is troubling. Even so, this is a great, simply toy that will keep rabbits playing for as long as they have too much energy!

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