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Another Gross Product For The Workout Crowd: Scivation Xtend Go Blue Raspberry Dietary Supplement

The Good: It does appear to actually energize to some extent, Easy enough to make from the powder into a beverage
The Bad: Expensive, Tastes terrible, Awful aftertaste, No immediate muscle results
The Basics: Xtend Go Blue Raspberry dietary supplement aided me with staying awake on a sleepy day, but will never be my preferred way of doing that!

My wife is pretty awesome. She has a tendency to get in products for me to try for review because she thinks that I am a professional-enough reviewer to provide truly useful information to readers in ways they can understand. So, when she handed me Scivation Xtend Go Blue Raspberry Dietary Supplement and told me to try it and review it, she said it would be a good thing for me to review because there are a lot of fitness buffs who are looking for good information.

Well, I tried the Scivation Xtend Go Blue Raspberry Dietary Supplement. I drank more glasses of the Scivation Xtend Go Blue Raspberry Dietary Supplement than I ever wanted to and I am left with a lingering question. How hard is it to create beverages for people who like to work out that don't taste like ass?! Seriously. And these drinks don't taste like professionally-cleaned pornstar ass, these are like gym-sweat, left in a locker over Christmas break, ass flavors. It's not worth looking like He-Man or mid-1980s Grace Jones to have to drink things that just taste like ass. Sadly, this is where I fell on Scivation Xtend Go Blue Raspberry Dietary Supplement.


Xtend Go is a powder-based beverage dietary supplement. The 30-serving canister is 15 oz. of light blue and white powder, which is to be resonsituted into the drink. One, theoretically, drinks the drink and is granted more instant energy, electrolytes and the materials needed to stimulate muscle growth and recovery. One drink is not likely to make anyone into He-Man (or the muscly female equivalent).

Ease Of Preparation

Xtend Go is a powder that needs water to be properly utilized. One 1/2 ounce scoop of the Xtend Go Blue Raspberry Dietary Supplement is intended to be added to 8 - 16 oz. of water. That is quite a range and the company advertises it as a variance of taste preference. I tend to like strong drinks, so I prepared mine with just over 8 fl. oz. of filtered water. Once one adds the water to the powder, stir and consume. This is a fairly simple-to-use dietary supplement!


The Blue Raspberry Xtend Go smells like a sweet Blue Raspberry beverage, like one might expect of a snow cone or cotton candy flavoring. This is, as most people know, not how raspberries actually smell, but the fake blue raspberry scent is adequately embodied in the bouquet of the Xtend Go Dietary Supplement.

In the mouth and on the tongue, the Scivation Xtend Go Blue Raspberry Dietary Supplement tastes very salty and slightly sweet. The dry, chemical secondary taste overcomes the vague sweetness of the beverage in a way that makes the mouth pucker. Unfortunately, that dry, unpleasant flavor lingers in the mouth and overcomes even the hint of fruit with each sip. The more of the Scivation Xtend Go Blue Raspberry Dietary Supplement beverage one consumes, the more it tastes like chemicals - bitter and sour - than anything resembling fruity.

The Scivation Xtend Go Blue Raspberry Dietary Supplement leaves a strong sour aftertaste in one's mouth that seems to last until one washes it out with something better.


As a dietary supplement, Xtend Go Blue Raspberry is designed to provide an energy boost by restocking the body's electrolytes fast. With 32% of the RDA of Vitamin B6 and a boatload (240 mg - 10% RDA) of Sodium, the Blue Raspberry Xtend Go appears able to achieve its stated goal. The 200 mg of caffeine provide a kick and there is a whole electrolyte blend - Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate, Potassium Chloride, and Sodium Chloride . . . wait, that's just more salt (!) - that seems to do what it promises. Surprisingly, there are no carbohydrates or sugars in the Scivation Xtend Go Blue Raspberry Dietary Supplement, so it could be more problematic for people on low-carb diets, diabetics, etc.

On the ingredient front, Xtend Go Blue Raspberry is basically a combination of elements with natural and artificial flavors added to it. And FD&C Blue Lake #1, a dye to make it blue. There are allergy warnings for dairy, soy, wheat, peanuts, eggs, shellfish, almonds and other tree nuts, fish, sulfites and corn, so this supplement is not vegan-compliant, Kosher, or for those who need a gluten-free diet.


Xtend Go Blue Raspberry comes in a plastic canister, which is resealable. The canister has a wide mouth, but if any of the powder gets on a surface, it may be easily wiped or brushed off. Once it is reconstituted, the Xtend Go Blue Raspberry becomes a bright pale blue beverage. Keeping it from staining light fabrics might be a feat; consult a fabric guide for the best way to get it out.


So, Scivation Xtend Go Blue Raspberry Dietary Supplement did actually energize, but whether is promotes actual muscle growth or not requires a commitment to the product that its flavor cannot justify.

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