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Chocolate Creme Peeps Are All Right!

The Good: Fairly inexpensive, Actually taste like chocolate for a bit!
The Bad: Lack of nutritional value, Slight aftertaste
The Basics: Chocolate Creme Peeps are an interesting variation on Peeps and one of the more successful expansions on the Peeps marshmallow treat line!

The last time my wife and I actually went on vacation, we went to the Mall Of America. While there, we went to the big Peeps store that was there. I might not be a huge fan of Peeps (reviewed here!), but I do admire the fact that the candy has garnered such a following to produce numerous spinoffs. One such variation on the theme that we picked up was a pack of Chocolate Creme Peeps.

And they are pretty good!


Chocolate Creme Peeps are a chocolate flavored marshmallow candy that have been on the market for a few years now. In recent years, specialized Peeps have been released for Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas and at other random times throughout the year in addition to the usual Easter. Chocolate Creme Peeps are usually widely available from anywhere from $.99 - $1.29 for an three-piece pack when they hit the market.

Each Chocolate Creme Peep is almost two inches long by 1 1/2" wide and tall and they are sugar-coated marshmallow candies. The sugar coating is brown and the Chocolate Creme Peeps are the standard little duckling shape.

Ease Of Preparation

Chocolate Creme Peeps are pretty simple to prepare. Simply unwrap the plastic on the cardboard tray and pull apart the marshmallow Chocolate Creme Peeps. It's that easy. More often than not, the Chocolate Creme Peeps are gooey on the side they were attached to the other Peeps at. Simply breaking up the Chocolate Creme Peeps and eating them is all the prep this candy requires.


The Chocolate Creme Peeps smell fairly strongly of chocolate for the first few moments after they are unwrapped. These Peeps smell exactly like they are supposed to and that is very inviting for those of us who like chocolate!

Somewhat surprising is how fudgy the Chocolate Creme Peeps actually taste! These are a confection that, while sugary and initially generically sweet, manages to mimic the flavor of a light chocolate dessert surprisingly well. The flavor is not terribly enduring, but in every bite of Chocolate Creme Peeps, there is a moment when each one tastes exactly like chocolate!

The Chocolate Creme Peeps leave a very sweet aftertaste and the sugary flavor transitions into something a little drier than normal for a Peep as it enters the realm of the aftertaste.


Chocolate Creme Peeps are not anything that points toward good health, but that's to be expected with candy. The eight Chocolate Creme Peeps in a tray represent two servings. A serving has 120 calories, none of which are from fat. There is 15 mg of sodium and only 1 gram of protein. There are no vitamins or other nutritional benefits to Peeps.

Chocolate Creme Peeps are primarily made of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin. Chocolate Creme Peeps are gluten free and are not Vegan compliant considering there is gelatin and may contain milk. There is nothing overly unfamiliar in the ingredient list, so these are not the worst candies ever.


Chocolate Creme Peeps are easy enough to store and they have a decent shelf life (pretty much indefinitely for those who fall into the "make them hard" camp. Keeping them at room temperature or below seems to keep them fresh for a long period of time.

Clean-up is as easy as wiping up the sugar that falls off them. So long as the Chocolate Creme Peep does not melt onto anything, clean-up is that easy. Like the preparation, there is nothing hard about storing or cleaning up after this candy.


Chocolate Creme Peeps are all right; they are not enough to satisfy real chocolate enthusiasts, but they are probably enough to get those who love chocolate to appreciate Peeps!

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