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Limited Window Of Pine: Renuzit Aroma Adjustables Evergreen Escape!

The Good: Good initial scent, Inexpensive enough, Easy to use
The Bad: Scent fades very quickly
The Basics: The Evergreen Escape Renuzit Aroma Adjustable might not be overly aromatic for long, but it does prevent one's house from smelling for almost a full month!

When it comes to air fresheners, there seem to be about three levels of quality: those that do not work, those that work and provide an aroma constantly and those that initially smell and then simply neutralize other scents in the air. The limited edition Renuzit Aroma Adjustables Evergreen Escape flavor seem to fall into that last category. Using the Renuzit Aroma Adjustables Evergreen Escape air freshener has an initial burst of vaguely pine scent that fades within a day . . . but then one's environment does not smell of anything (including pine) for the remaining month while the waxy Adjustable withers.

Renuzit Aroma Adjustables are best analogized as scented candles without the wick. These are waxy cones that come in a plastic cone package that are actually solidified essential oils that emit a scent. The principle behind them is simple; air passes through them, they slowly effervesce throughout a room and for a month, the living environment is supposed to smell like the scent the Adjustables claims to have, in this case, Evergreen Escape. The principle is a generally good one; Renuzit Aroma Adjustables eliminate the potential danger of burning down one's house by having an inflammable odor-releaser and offer long-lasting odor coverage.

Unfortunately, while the Evergreen Escape Adjustables has an initially good scent, it does not endure very long. Renuzit Aroma Adjustables have an instant scent which lasts for about a day in out house that contains a Siberian Husky and three cats. Unfortunately, while the scent initially permeated our apartment, it did not endure for more than a day. However, in the month the Evergreen Escape Renuzit Aroma Adjustables was around, our living space did not smell like animals or anything else; the Aroma Adjustables appeared to effectively neutralize other scents that had been around!

The Renuzit Aroma Adjustables are five-inch tall plastic cones that look like an overturned snowcone. The base is a white plastic dish that reveals the green of the Evergreen Escape air freshener inside. Use is ridiculously simple; twist the cap up and set in a place where one wants fresher air. Opening the Adjustables only half an inch gives access to the scent briefly.

The Evergreen Escape Renuzit Aroma Adjustables smells like pine for about a day within a fifteen foot radius of the Adjustables.

The Evergreen Escape Renuzit Aroma Adjustable is a good theory with a mediocre execution. Opening the air freshener half an inch gave us a reprieve for a day, but then it did not scent our living space; it just neutralized odors. There is the option to open the product more, which is a simple matter of raising the plastic cone on top higher. This does disperse more of the Adjustables's scent, but within a day, I could not smell anything from the Evergreen Escape Adjustables.

The Adjustables are easy enough to use; after about a month the green waxy portion that initially looked like a candle will be shriveled to look more like an apple core and even sticking one's nose into it will not reveal the smell it originally had. At that time, the plastic cone and dish may simply be thrown away. This is very easy to use and when placed in high places, it is very safe for use around children and animals.

The Evergreen Escape scent of Renuzit Aroma Adjustables is good for killing odors, but not providing an inviting scent for one's living space, which somewhat defeats its purpose.

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