Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Energizing The Kitten: Petstages Cheese Chase Is Diverting For Cats!

The Good: Inexpensive, Engages the kitten
The Bad: Does not grab my five year-oldcat
The Basics: Petstages Cheese Chase Cat Toy was designed to distract Elim, but Evie has truly been grabbed by it!

Almost immediately before my wife and I got Evie, our new kitten, as a rescue, I purchased the Petstages Cheese Chase Cat Toy as a last-ditch attempt to engage Elim, our ill, troublesome two year-old cat. Ironically, though, when I gave Elim the Petstages Cheese Chase Cat Toy, Evie quickly took it over. Not only did she start playing with it right away, but Evie actually brought other toys over to interact with with the Cheese Chase!

The Cheese Chase is a plastic mental agility toy for cats and kittens. It is a one foot in diameter plastic circle that is 3" tall (11" to the top of the central wand). The plastic cylinder is a round track that holds a hollow plastic ball and is open enough on the sides to allow a cat to stick its paw into the gap to slap at the ball inside. The inside of the Cheese Chase is a near-open top container that houses a second hollow ball. At the center of the Cheese Chase is a wand that holds a fabric mouse five inches above the rest of the toy.

Evie loves the Petstages Cheese Chase toy. She approaches it whenever it is moved, wherever it is moved to. When she does, she almost always starts smacking around the yellow and black ball in the outer ring. She will play with it until she is exhausted and flops down next to the toy and continues to bat at the ball until she falls asleep abruptly! Evie interacts with the ball in the center when I point it out to her. By removing the ball from the center and then putting it back in in front of her, she seems to suddenly realize it exists and she works to remove the ball from the center. She will also pull out anything else that we stick in there! It surprised me not only how determined she was to get the things placed in the center out.

Elim, surprisingly, interacts almost exclusively with the fabric mouse on the wand in the center of the Cheese Chase. Beyond that, he only watches Evie play as opposed to interact with the toy himself!

Timber does not interact with the Cheese Chase at all; he seems thrilled to be left in peace while his younger siblings play with the toy.

The Petstages Cheese Chase cat toy is durable and exceptionally easy to clean. The hard plasic is easy to wipe off and the fabric mouse is high enough that it never seems to get particularly dirty. As a result, the Petstages Cheese Chase is worth picking up; using it manages to keep two of the three cats we have engaged and one happy to stay clear of them when they play with it!

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