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Mediocre And Dry: Dunkin' Donuts Cinnamon Coffee Roll Coffee Underwhelms!

The Good: Good aroma, Caffeinated.
The Bad: Doesn't taste like any of the promised Cinnamon Coffee Roll flavor, Dry
The Basics: Dunkin’ Donuts coffee lets consumers down yet again with their Cinnamon Coffee Roll coffee flavor.

There are very few companies that I can think of that have disappointed me like Dunkin' Donuts. Once upon a time, I loved going into my local Dunkin’ Donuts shop (reviewed here!) and getting their delicious drinks and enjoyable sandwiches. But, then my wife got a job there and they were an abysmal employer with egregious abuses against its workers (with a corporate structure that is well-insulated through its use of franchises). And their line of home brew coffees has been universally unimpressive; promising results in their names that are not delivered upon in their flavors. Dunkin' Donuts Cinnamon Coffee Roll, alas, does not break that trend.


Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee has dozens of different flavors and I found the bag of ground Cinnamon Coffee Roll flavor coffee at my local grocery store on clearance. The Cinnamon Coffee Roll flavored Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee comes ground in a foil bag and the 11 oz. package we found was on clearance for $3.99, which was still overpriced given its unsatisfying flavor. The bright orange bag is easy enough to open and the eleven ounce standard package is resealable, thanks to a flat tie on the top of the bag.

Ease Of Preparation

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee is easy-enough to prepare. One Tablespoon of the Cinnamon Coffee Roll Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee makes two cups of coffee. We brewed up our full pot in our Hamilton Beach coffee maker (reviewed here!). The Cinnamon Coffee Roll coffee comes pre-ground and smells good and it is easy enough to scoop out and into a filter.


The Cinnamon Coffee Roll coffee smells incredibly like cinnamon and the aroma is instantly inviting. The blend of cinnamon and coffee in the scent is exactly like one would anticipate and hope for from a coffee with the name Cinnamon Coffee Roll.

Unfortunately, in the mouth Dunkin’ Donuts Cinnamon Coffee Roll coffee is entirely unremarkable. The Cinnamon Coffee Roll Coffee tastes blandly like virtually any other medium roast coffee. There is nothing distinctive in the palate for the main flavor of the coffee and it does not manage to allow anything remotely like cinnamon to come forth.

With creamer, the coffee flavor is overwhelmed by the flavor of the creamer. This is a lightly flavored coffee to begin with and it cannot hold its own against creamer.

The Cinnamon Coffee Roll coffee has a very dry aftertaste on the tongue that lingers in the mouth for a good five minutes.


The ingredients to this coffee are virtually undisclosed. The bag lists the ingredients as coffee and natural and artificial flavors, but nothing more descriptive than that.

In terms of nutrition, this coffee lacks any. One 8 oz. mug of this coffee provides nothing of nutritional value to the drinker. There are no calories (save what one adds from sugar or milk), no fat, sodium, or protein. The caffeine, however, is enough to have an effect on the consumer, even if it not an overly strong effect.


Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee tea is very easy to clean up after - the coffee grounds may be disposed in the garbage, or composted if you have a good garden and/or compost pile. The coffee itself is a fairly dark coffee and it will stain delicate fabrics, so if it spills, it ought to be cleaned right off things like tablecloths or light cottons.

Dunkin’ Donuts does not make a recommendation on refrigerating the bag, but ours remained just fine out of the refrigerator. This flavor maintains its freshness well; new bags should remain fresh for several months.


Dunkin’ Donuts Cinnamon Coffee Roll coffee is a fairly disappointing flavor of coffee, for those who like strong coffee flavors and for those who want the joy of their coffee to bear the promised flavor of a cinnamon coffee roll.

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