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If Ever We Needed A Breakfast Treat For Cats: Friskies Party Mix Morning Munch Egg, Bacon & Cheese Flavor Treats!

The Good: Evie and Timber love them, Inexpensive
The Bad: Elim is more neutral to them, Too small to have real dental benefits.
The Basics: Two out of my three cats love Friskies Party Mix Morning Munch Egg, Bacon & Cheese flavor treats and the third likes them all right, most of the time!

One of the nice things about having three cats - from ages five years to six months old - is that I am getting a more well rounded view of the products the cats test for me for reviewing. It means more when all three love a product and it means quite a bit when the none of them like the product. In the case of Friskies Party Mix Morning Munch Egg, Bacon & Cheese flavor treats, two out of the three cats prefer these treats, while the last will eat them when not offered anything else. Given any other choice, Elim will choose the other item, but when he is only offered the Morning Munch, even Elim enjoys these treats.


Friskies Party Mix Morning Munch Egg, Bacon & Cheese flavor cat treats are crunchy little treats that come in a 2.1 oz. bag for $1.99 locally. The Party mix Morning Munch includes four different piece types that range in size from 5/16” wide and 1/2" long (for the crunch twists) to 1/2” square for the star bites. All are approximately 3/16” thick. The other two shapes are little seven-point stars in them and little window-shaped “cracklers.” Opening the Friskies Party Mix bag, which is resealable, there is a vaguely cheesy aroma. It’s funny because I did not think the scent was very strong, but both Evie and Timber came running for them when they were out of the bag for a few moments each time I opened the bag and put them out.

Ease Of Preparation

The Friskies Party Mix treats are a treat, so preparation is as easy as opening the resealable bag and removing a few of treats. I, occasionally, mix a few of the treats in with Timber and Elim’s food, but otherwise, they get five to ten of these whenever I feed him them! Timber and Evie have been known to steal them away from each other, they like them so much. This is one of the few treats that Elim will let his siblings steal without batting at them.

Evie, Elim And Timber’s Reaction

Friskies Party Mix Morning Munch Egg, Bacon & Cheese flavor treats are eagerly devoured by Evie and Timber. The moment either of them smells the treats coming out of the bag, they come running. Elim will eat them if they are around and he is in the mood, but I have seen him eat his regular cat food instead of going for the Morning Munch treats.


The package recommends two treats per pound of cat, but not more than ten per day. Timber and Evie both eat the full ten whenever they are given that. Elim will eat up to ten, but there have been times he has left some behind. The pouches I bought most recently do not expire until April of 2017, so this is a decent treat to stock up on.

Moreover, the Friskies Party Mix Morning Munch Egg, Bacon & Cheese flavor treats seem pretty healthy. With a minimum of 30% crude protein and 15% crude fat, but no more than 4% crude fiber and 10% moisture, these treats have a lot of nutritional benefits for both cats and the kitten. These treats are made primarily of chicken meal, brewers rice, and animal fat with preservatives! They do not have much in the way of dental cleaning benefits, though. Still, they are hard enough that when the kitten chews them, they keep her teeth clean.


The Friskies Party Mix Morning Munch Egg, Bacon & Cheese flavor cat treats are a good basic treat, even if not all of my cats go agog for them.

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