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Delightful Floral: Dove Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash Works!

The Good: Great lather, Easy to open bottle, Good moisturizing quality, Nice aroma!
The Bad: Not antibacterial, No scrubbing grit, Expensive
The Basics: Dove Clean & Simple Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash might be pricey, but it delivers pretty wonderful results!

One of the disadvantages of getting so many of the best products I buy at a local discount store is that when it comes time to review it, sometimes I have to actually discover how much the product regularly costs to consider it as a component of the overall product. In the case of the Dove Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash, I was very happy with it . . . but I was not wowed by it for its full price. When I paid $1.99 for my bottles, I was psyched; I was less so when I considered how much those results would have been at full price.

The Dove Mandarin & Tiare Flower body wash is an average body wash, with a wonderful scent, it is not abrasive enough to cleanse or exfoliate. It is ideal for those who want to clean and moisturize their bodies and leave skin with a decent floral scent to it.

Dove Mandarin & Tiare Flower body wash is aromatic and given how popular citrus-based cleaners are, it is not surprising Dove made a body wash like this. Fortunately, this is nowhere near as abrasive as a true citrus cleaner! In the steamy environment of a shower or bath, the scent effervesces incredibly well. The 14.5 fl. oz. bottle usually sells for $5.99 and seems to be commonly available, at least in Michigan. The Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash is an effective, easy-to-use product that leaves skin feeling clean and fairly aromatic. When one is especially dirty, this gets one clean, moisturized and smelling wonderful! The Dove Mandarin & Tiare Flower body wash is more effective than a good, abrasive loofah on its own.

Body washes seem disproportionately expensive to me in general and the Dove Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash is one of the more expensive body washes by price. Dove's Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash offers less than other body washes that actually exfoliate, though it does have a more distinctive scent relative to body washes in the same price range. The Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash lathers up incredibly well, so for daily maintenance, it may satisfy even a thrifty shopper.

The Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash is an opaque orange pearlescent fluid about the consistency of most shampoos. This is a smooth body wash, so it does nothing to exfoliate the skin. Using the Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash is simple. The bottle features a flip top that opens with the flick of the thumb. The bottle is easy enough to open and close one handed as to make it convenient in the tub or shower, especially if one is using a loofah or washcloth in the other hand. The bottle of Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash is flat on the front and back and rounded on the sides. It is slippery when wet, so it is important to get a good grip on this body wash bottle!

Dispensing the Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash is very easy. Simply squeeze the bottle and apply the very fluid body wash to your hand, loofah or cloth. In my experience, the body wash is more creamy than fluid but it still comes out of the bottle very easily when one squeezes it. As a result, about a quarter-sized dollop is all that is necessary to clean my whole body when it mixes with the water from my shower or bath. I've found it most effective to dole out the body wash in one fell swoop as it lathers very easily and completely fills a loufah when one does.

Part of the reason the product washes off so well is that it lathers exceptionally well. Used sparingly, the Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash may be spread over an entire body the way it lathers up. Simply agitating it on the skin yields a foamy, clean lather that both moisturizes and cleans skin. Even without a loofah or other rough applicator, it removes an average amount of dirt or grime compared to running water. As the water flows over it, it washes off easily leaving behind no film or residue, only generally clean skin.

The Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash won me over with its distinct, but not overbearing scent. The aroma has enough of the scent of orange and a flower that smells like orange blossom to be truly a good balance of the sharp and sweet scents. Dove's Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash is made primarily of water, but given how potent the aroma is, that is a bit of a surprise.

Dove Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash is a good body wash, even if it is not at all antibacterial. That I've discovered the scent on my hands eight hours after showering tells me that, despite the initial expense, this is a good, strong body wash that endures!

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