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Could Be More Flavorful, Full Circle Ranch Soy Crisps Still Satisfy!

The Good: Decent nutritional benefits, Good ingredients
The Bad: Not as flavorful as they ought to be, Comparatively expensive
The Basics: Full Circle Ranch Soy Crisps are a good treat and a healthy salty snack, but those who love Ranch flavoring are likely to find them a little underwhelming.

My wife has been eating very healthy for years now, so I've been discovering the joys of healthy snacks. The advantage we have is a local discount food store that allows me to find yummy treats for her at lower-than-normal prices. When the discount store got in a shipment that included Full Circle Ranch Soy Crisps, it seemed like it would be a slam dunk for our snacking. My wife loves Ranch flavored things and getting them less expensive makes me happy. But the Soy Crisps are not very ranch-y and at full price, this would not be a great deal for those who are health and budget conscious.


Full Circle is a healthy food company and before now, I had only reviewed their Chocolate-Enriched Lactose Free Soymilk (reviewed here!) and I was generally happy with the company. Their Soy Crisps are like little rice cake snacks and come in several flavors. The Ranch Soy Crisps are good, but hardly as robust as one might hope.

The Ranch Soy Crisps come in a 3.5 oz. bag that is like a little potato chip bag. The bag holds about seventy-two Soy Crisps. Nineteen Soy Crisps represents a single serving and each of the Soy Crisps are 1 3/4" in diameter by 1/2” thick, mimicking the look and feel of a mini-rice cake. The Ranch Soy Crisps are mostly white with a light powdering on them (which is the Ranch flavoring).

Ease Of Preparation

Eating a Full Circle Ranch Soy Crisps is simple. After removing the Soy Crisp from the package, simply stick it in your mouth. There is no particularly complicated equation to eating this snack; it is an entirely ready-to-eat food!


The Ranch Soy Crisps smell only mildly of Ranch flavoring. The aroma of the Soy Crisps is lacking in the usual overpowering tanginess one expects from Ranch - even in its scent. Instead, this snack's aroma foreshadows a weak flavor.

In the mouth, the Ranch Soy Crisps are somewhat salty, but mostly dominated by the grainy flavor beneath the very thin layer of Ranch dust. The most potent Soy Crisp I had was covered in the dust and was salty flavored, with a hint of spice like oregano. It entirely lacked the tang and flavor of Ranch.

There is, unsurprisingly, no aftertaste to the Ranch Soy Crisps!


Full Circle Soy Crisps are intended as a snack, not a meal, and they are fairly healthy, more by not having anything bad in them, as opposed to being loaded with a lot of nutrients. Each 28 gram serving of the Ranch Soy Crisps represent a single serving and is nineteen soy crisps. Made primarily of soy flour, rice pieces, and seasoning (made primarily of whey solids) there is nothing in the Ranch Soy Crisps that was unpronounceable. This is a mostly-natural food product with a dietary disclaimer that this flavor contains milk and soy ingredients.

Full Circle's Ranch Soy Crisps have 120 calories, twenty-five of which are from fat. A full serving represents 5% of one's RDA of carbohydrates and these are cholesterol free. There are seven grams of protein to be had by eating a serving of Ranch Soy Crisps. These are not a significant source of any vitamins or minerals, though they do have two grams of dietary fiber.


As a healthy snack, Full Circle Ranch Soy Crisps remain fresh so long as they are kept in their bag. Opened, they will absorb moisture from the air and become squishy in an unappealing way.

As long as the cakes are sealed, they remain fresh and the only real clean-up for them comes from wiping up crumbs. These do not stain clothes, though.


Full Circle Ranch Soy Crisps are underwhelming on the flavor front, but make up for it by being both filling and nutritious. Those truly concerned about their health will find them worth picking up, even if they are unlikely to wow consumers.

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