Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Myah Is Squeaking For The First Time . . . Ever! Thanks To The Hartz Medium DuraPlay Ball!

The Good: Durable, Relatively inexpensive, Squeaker holds up surprisingly well, Myah plays with it!
The Bad: "Bacon" smell wears off pretty fast
The Basics: Myah actually plays with the Hartz Bacon Flavor Medium DuraPlay toy for dogs, which is a first for her!

Myah doesn't play. My middle aged Siberian Husky has never really been into playing with dog toys, despite the periodic attempts my wife and I make to entice her with new toys. Recently, my wife took Myah to play with a friend's dog and they had a good outing. Myah actually stole one of her new friend's toys and we were pretty shocked when Myah chewed apart the toy within two hours of bringing it home. Myah cracked the squeaker within the toy, rendering it useless. But the very fact that Myah wanted a toy encouraged us to try again with getting her a new toy. We picked her up a Hartz Bacon Flavor DuraPlay ball for dogs.

And Myah loves it!

The Bacon Flavor DuraPlay Medium Toy for dogs is a simple one; it is three inches in diameter and is textured with four veins that make it easier for the dog to hold it in her mouth. The Bacon Flavor Durable Chew Toy is a durable holllow latex ball made of a soft but enduring latex.

Hartz advertises the DuraPlay toy as being Bacon Scented. Within two days, the scent is completely gone from the toy. Myah's breath has not gotten fresher, nor has the DuraPlay toy retained its scent. On the flip side, Myah has been playing with the toy surprisingly constantly. Over the past two days, about every hour and a half for fifteen minutes to half an hour, we hear the toy squeaking! Myah has taken it upon herself to start playing with the toy and she has also responded to the DuraPlay for actually playing fetch!

One of the interesting aspects of the DuraPlay is that it can be punctured by dog teeth, but the squeaker inside remains unaffected! As a result, after more than two days of very constant play, the toy is mildly weathered, punctured, but still is holding up without any issues as far as its durability goes.

As well, the Hartz DuraPlay can be cleaned repeatedly with bleach (and have to be rinsed incredibly well) and dogs can be fairly rough with them. Easily the best toy for play that Myah has yet found, the Hartz DuraPlay holds up remarkably well and is well worth the $3.59 we found it at at our local grocery store!

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2.5 /10

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