Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ideal For Those With Small Hands, The Lindo Palm Massager Actually Works!

The Good: Works well, Comparatively inexpensive, Easy to clean
The Bad: Lack of finger loops, Only fits smaller hands
The Basics: Enough to relax and re-energize those suffering from mild muscle pain, the Lindo Palm Massager works for anyone with small hands.

This past weekend, my wife and I went hither and yon as part of Hallmark Ornament Preview Weekend. It's one of the bigger planned shopping trips for me each year and while I was waiting in line at one of the larger Hallmark Gold Crown stores, my wife looked around the store and found some things she wanted. She excitedly presented me with a Lindo Palm Massager and was convinced that it would be really good for her (she has a lot of back pain and it has become harder and harder for me to give her back rubs due to my advancing carpel tunnel syndrome). So, I bought a Lindo Palm Massager and have been using it with her on almost a daily basis.

The Lindo Palm Massager is a vaguely hand-shaped device made primarily of a rubbery PVC and steel. Measuring 6 1/2" long by 6" wide (from fingertip to fingertip) and about 2" tall. The bottom of the Lindo Palm Massager has nine hard plastic sockets, each of which holds a 1/2" in diameter steel ball, while the top has flexible spikes that allow the Lindo Palm Massager to have some additional "give" to it while using it. The top of the Lindo Palm Massager features a loop that allows the user to attach the Palm Massager to one's hand. The design of the Lindo Palm Massager is such that it attaches to one's three central fingers and requires the user to splay their thumb and pinky fingers outward. That makes it a tough sell for those with large hands. While - based on the various colors of the Lindo Palm Massager - this is being marketed toward women, the considerate husband who might want to use the Massager on their wife is made ridiculously uncomfortable trying to use it because it is small and does not actually fit a larger hand.

Use of the Lindo Palm Massager is very easy. Attach the Lindo Palm Massager to the hand of the person who wants to use it, with the steel ball-side down. Simply slide the Lindo Palm Massager onto the palm of one's hand, with the three middle fingers pressing into the loop. Then, use that hand to roll the steel balls along another person's (or your own) back, legs, arms, feet, hands, and/or spine. The Lindo Palm Massager relaxes muscles and stimulates blood flow to relax the subject upon whom the Massager is used.

The Lindo Palm Massager is very easy to clean. While the steel balls may be used to work lotions or creams into the person upon whom it is being used, cleaning the Lindo Palm Massager requires a combination of isopropyl alcohol, hot water and agitation to clean off the PVC and steel.

Despite the problems with the size of the Lindo Palm Massager, I was pleasantly shocked that it worked so well and was so easy to use. For the minimal investment (we found ours for $12.99 + tax), both my wife and I have found it to be thoroughly enjoyable.

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