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The Perfect Collectible For Wonder Woman Fans: The 2009 Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Wonder Woman Statue!

The Good: GREAT sculpt, Very cool execution of the Lasso, Good balance, Collectible value
The Bad: None!
The Basics: A perfect rendition of the character, the 2009 DC Direct Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Wonder Woman Statue is the (current) gold standard of Wonder Woman statues!

From the moment I began to review Wonder Woman graphic novels for my Wonder Woman Year and started to collect Wonder Woman merchandise, I’ve been a very discriminating collector. I have some very specific notions of what I want in my collection and while I am open to some variations (I actually like Wonder Woman as she appeared for the year in J. Michael Straczynski’s Odyssey), I’m not impressed by the New 52 look and character and there are a lot of much more animated-looking renditions of Wonder Woman that I refuse to collect. I almost immediately started looking for a Sideshow Collectibles rendition of Wonder Woman (as it turns out, they have one, but it is only being released now and has been stuck in a California port for the last few months!). Last year, my search for a quality Wonder Woman statue led me to the Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Wonder Woman Statue.

And it is perfect.

DC Direct gives Sideshow Collectibles a run for its money on making a quality statue with the Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Wonder Woman Statue!


The Wonder Woman statue faithfully presents Wonder Woman, the iconic DC super hero in her bustier outfit with the knee-high red boots and golden tiara she is known for. This version of Wonder Woman is the perfect balance between having defined muscles and feminine curves. One of the key selling points for me was how the Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Wonder Woman Statue represents the iconic Lasso Of Truth. While the statue is mostly made of polystone, the lasso is a gold wire and it is wrapped around itself, held in her hands, attached to her waist and then rooted to the statue at one of the boots! This gives the statue the appearance of Wonder Woman in action, in the process of unbinding the Lasso Of Truth.
The statue, released in the Cover Girls Of The DC Universe series from DC Direct, is an amazing work in terms of the amount of sculpted details and coloring. Measuring eleven inches tall, four and one-quarter inches deep and six inches wide at its widest points, the Wonder Woman statue is one of the few DC super hero-based statues released by DC Direct in the 1:6 scale. The Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Wonder Woman Statue easily sold-out from DC Direct and is now only available in the secondary market.

The DC Direct Wonder Woman statue is made of durable polystone that has decent weight to it and braided wire for the Lasso. Wonder Woman's costume is colored in bright white, red and blue and metallic gold and silver (for her belt, bustier, and silver for the bracelets). This version of Wonder Woman has the W symbol on her bustline, instead of the eagle symbol some of her costumes featured. The tiara is the gold color with the red star on the forehead underneath the long, bouncing black bangs. The sculpt of the hair, which makes it look like Wonder Woman is descending from on high is very active and amazingly well-sculpted. The detailing for the hair texture is extraordinary for a character that came from a two-dimensional reference.

Diana’s face is angular, without looking severe and in a similar fashion, the Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Wonder Woman Statue did not create her with an over-the-top pair of breasts. Wonder Woman’s proportions are reasonable and the sculpting details for the muscles on her back represent an impressive attention to detail. DC Direct even managed to get the painting on the eyes absolutely right. Accents like the white stripes on her boots and the stars on the bottom of her costume are immaculately painted on.

Wonder Woman is standing, left foot slightly behind the right, on the DC Direct platform base (which is accented by the Wonder Woman double-W symbol) on it!


As a DC Direct statue, the Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Wonder Woman Statue is only accented by the wire lasso and a collector’s number on the platform.


As with all statues, the intent of the DC Direct Wonder Woman statue is to be used as a decorative collectible and this is perfectly balanced. The display base makes the statue perfectly balanced. It is augmented with four rubber discs that keep is perfectly stable, so it does not tip, lean or do anything other than stand perfectly positioned on one’s shelf or display case.


DC Direct has been making bigger and better collectibles for decades. The transition from action figures to statue-type collectibles has made them one of the dominant collectibles manufacturers for comic book-based collectibles in the United States. The Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Wonder Woman Statue was limited to 5,000 pieces. Each one is individually numbered on the bottom of the base (mine is 0705/5000!). These statues have been consistently appreciating in value and it is hard to find ones that are not mint, unopened (most dealers opened them up to inspect for breakage). This statue has never gone below its original sale price on the secondary market and while it peaked last year in the $350 range, it has managed to maintain its value in the $250 range now.


Fans of Wonder Woman and DC comics characters are likely to be impressed by the sculpt, paint job and collectible value of the Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Wonder Woman statue. It is an impressive collectible well worth its price for adult collectors!

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