Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Justifying The Expense: Kong Double Chews Are One Of Myah’s New Beloved Treats!

The Good: Myah loves them, Dental benefits, Healthy, Good ingredients!
The Bad: More expensive than many other rawhide treats.
The Basics: Myah responds to the Kong Double Chews more than to any other treat from Kong we’ve given her so far!

My wife has been determined to keep our Siberian Husky engaged through the winter. Neither she, nor I, enjoy going out into the cold the way Myah does. So, we’ve been getting her a number of bigger treats over the winter and seeing what sticks with her. Arguably her favorite so far and the one that if most affordable so I tend to like them for her, are the Kong Double Chews 100% Natural Beef Hide Long Lasting Rawhide with meaty flavor chew treats. The eight chew pack lasts us about a month and it keeps Myah from doing things like chewing her own nails, so it is definitely a good investment!

The Kong Double Chews come in a pack of eight retriever rolls. While Myah might be low on the performance/play scale, she absolutely loves the Double Chews and spends hours working on them when they are given to her.


We picked up the eight pack of Kong Double Chews treats when we first found them (which is pretty delightful because so many of Myah’s treats get found only when they are being clearance!). The package has eight treats in it and Myah goes through them at a rate of about two per week, so the 8-pack is not a bad form of entertainment for her for a full month.

The Kong Double Chews dog treats are hard rawhide straws that are wrapped around a beef and glycerine, bacon-flavored center that affords two textures for the dog to be stimulated by. Each Double Chews is about 5 1/2” long and 1” in diameter. Each of the Rollhide treats looks like a rawhide wrapped hot dog. Myah was instantly drawn to these treats.

Ease Of Preparation

This is a ready-to-eat dog treat and only requires one to open the plastic bag to dispense. Because they have a bit of an aroma the moment they come out of the bag, I recommend keeping them in a cool, dry, dark place until one is ready to treat one’s dog!

Myah’s Reaction

The Double Chews treats smell mildly like bacon and the moment one comes out, Myah goes right for it. She will spend two to three hours focused intently on chewing up the Double Chews retriever roll. Myah plays with the Double Chews until she either finishes it or gets so exhausted she passes out. She likes these retriever rolls so much that even when she is exhausted and near passed out, she will growl at the cats if they come near her bed and the treat!

The softer center of the Kong Double Chews seems to act as positive reinforcement for Myah to keep going. She has never shown this amount of determination with a plain rawhide treat and that enhances their value.


The Kong Double Chews dog treats are fairly healthy. With at least 70% crude protein, 2.5% crude fat and no more than 2.5% crude fiber and 20% moisture, the Kong Double Chews offer some nutrition for dogs. Made primarily of rawhide, glycerine and bacon flavor, this seems to the right balance of natural beef and flavorful center. Kong Double Chews treats appear to have nothing bad in them. The Double Chews treats have over a six year shelf life, which makes them ideal as a treat to stock up on. As with all dog treats, it is highly recommended that when you give your dog Kong Double Chews treats, you make sure they have a decent supply of clean water available. These treats made Myah very thirsty. Kong Double Chews treats are not intended to replace dog food.


Myah loves Kong Double Chews and given how vigorously she goes after them, they live up to their promise for cleaning dogs’ teeth and keeping big dogs busy!

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