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Good Night Gollum, Friskies Tasty Treasures Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese Pate Was Gollum’s Final Favorite Food!

The Good: Nothing bad in it, Gollum absolutely loves it
The Bad: None.
The Basics: Gollum eagerly ate up all of his Friskies Tasty Treasures Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese Pate cat food, which brought him quite a bit of happiness near his end.

Just over a decade ago, I had a house and my cat at the time, Brillo, was getting a little lonely with me being on the road a lot. So, to keep Brillo company, I got a new cat. The local rescue, Wanderer’s Rest, had just gotten in a bunch of kittens and I went there to see what they had. There was a tiny kitten with a disproportionately large head and even larger eyes. He was a black cat and I was told immediately that I could not name him “Shadow.” I loved Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings movies and lacking a name that addressed his pitch black coloring, I suggested the name “Gollum” would work. And it did. Gollum was an amazing cat.

Last night, Gollum started laying down in his litter box and he seemed pretty miserable. This afternoon, I took him to the veterinarian and discovered that his bladder had calcified; this was a problem that had occasionally recurred with him and the vet informed me that after all of the potential treatments for Gollum, there would be no guarantees about him ever getting better. Faced with the difficult choice of watching him potentially suffer for another decade or giving him a chance to depart peacefully, I decided that the most humane thing to do was not let him suffer or be scared. So, understandably, I am pretty sad right now.

On the plus side, Gollum was not sad at all. In fact, last night, he had a meal that he absolutely adored. I cracked open a can of Friskies Tasty Treasures Pate Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese Cat Food.

Gollum eagerly ate up a whole bowl of Friskies Tasty Treasures Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese Pate and given how picky he had become (I knew something was wrong with him this morning when I could not get him to eat any ham!), it was clear he absolutely loved this.


Friskies Tasty Treasures Pate comes in a metal 5.5 oz. single serve container. Supposedly, Gollum for his weight and age should eat two of these containers per day! Even on sale, that would be a pricy endeavor, though I found it at the discount store for only $.59/can! Despite not feeling well, last night Gollum came running to eat it and as soon as Timber smelled it (given that we are not trying to fatten him up), he too came running. Gollum licked clean his whole dish of Friskies Tasty Treasures Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese Pate.

Ease Of Preparation

The Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese Tasty Treasures Pate opens up easily enough in the 5.5 oz. metal container. The small metal container has a thin aluminum lid that easily pulls off. Opening the container reveals the food inside. Tasty Treasures Pate Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese looks like corn beef hash with little cheesy chunks instead of potatoes. This cat food may be dispensed into a cat's food dish by either smacking it against the bottom of the dish or spooning the contents out into the dish. Alternatively, this wet cat food may be eaten right out of the can, though the metal edges are sharp and that method is not recommended for cats.

Gollum And Timber’s Reactions

The Friskies Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese Tasty Treasures Pate smells richly of meat and cheese. This has a decent beefy smell that is so much stronger than other pates I have ever given Gollum! I can smell this food even after it has been out of the can for about fifteen minutes. Gollum barely let it linger in his bowl that long; he ate it up within twenty minutes. Gollum ate the whole can of Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese Tasty Treasures Pate, even though he did not eat anything before or after (including some other beloved treats).

The Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese also enticed Timber and he has been enjoying the second can I had picked up for Gollum now. This Pate did not leave either cat’s breath smelling after they were done eating it.


The Tasty Treasures Pate Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese is very nutritious for cats and it has nothing noticeable bad in it (I'm not a Chem student, so I can't speak for all of the preservatives). But considering that the primary ingredients are water sufficient for processing, meat by-products, and beef. Friskies seems to have its act together on making an essentially good product. According to the guaranteed analysis on the container, there is a minimum of 10% crude protein and 5% crude fat and no more than 1% crude fiber, 3.5% ash, and 78% moisture. This is food appears to be wheat-free and it most definitely requires refrigeration after it is open!

Hard cat food has clear dental benefits that the Tasty Treasures Pate Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese does not have. When the cats chew (to split into bite-sized pieces) their hard cat food, it scrapes plaque and tartar off their teeth. There is no such physical operation going on with this cat food. Even so, Gollum’s immediate love of this food makes it well worth picking up.


Less expensive than actual tuna these days, Friskies created a perfect cat food with their Tasty Treasures Pate Beef & Liver Dinner With Cheese. I have often thought of what would be a good last meal for myself; I am thrilled that for my beloved companion of the last ten years, his last meal was one he loved so very much.

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