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Luxury In Minnesota?! The Quality Inn & Suites In Eagan, Minnesota Is Perfect!

Quality Inn & Suites
Book a room at the Quality Inn & Suites - Eagan, MN

The Good: Excellent room size, Good amenities, Friendly staff, Good location, Comparatively affordable
The Bad: None, this was a perfect
The Basics: Close to the Mall Of America, the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan is an oasis in Minnesota that is a wonderful place to stay!

One of the wonderful things about being able to take my first vacation in years with my wife was coming home with a ton of new things to review. While we picked up souvenirs, went to a few destinations and ate at new restaurants, but the review I have been most excited to pen was about the first hotel we stayed at on our vacation! The hotel is the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan, which we chose because of its proximity to the Mall Of America (reviewed here!) and the reasonable price associated with it when we were hunting hotels online. What we did not expect was that the reasonably priced hotel we booked would be a perfect one!

We arrived at the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan after a fifteen hour drive, which left us exhausted. When we reached the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan, we were exhausted and discovered that our room was not actually available for us . . . which allowed us a rare opportunity. In addition to giving us the chance to experience two types of rooms (including the very best suite in the building!), the odd booking mix-up afforded the staff of the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan the chance to absolutely wow us with their customer service. The young woman who checked us in bent over backward to make our stay incredible and, in addition to being friendly and flexible, we had the chance to stay in a room that was unlike any we had stayed in before!


Near Minneapolis, there are a great many hotels and the suburb of Minnesota, Eagan, had a number of hotel and shopping options that provided a cool alternative to the Mall Of America (along with decent access to the Mall Of America and nearby attractions). Nestled back behind a strip mall, two other hotels and near a Dairy Queen, the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan is a comparatively inexpensive hotel option that is worth every dollar! The Quality Inn & Suites Eagan (MN160 in the Choice Hotel numbering system) is located at 1950 Rahncliff Ct. in Eagan, Minnesota. This multi-story hotel is located amid shopping centers, but has a shuttle to get to some of the major attractions. There are no grounds to speak of for the hotel, though it is right near a wonderful restaurant and a pretty cool comic book and toy store!

The Quality Inn & Suites Eagan is located a discrete distance from the main part of Minneapolis. There is no neighborhood to speak of for this hotel, though there are plenty of attractions for shopping and the like (including a movie theater) right near by. There is an interstate (I-494) right near the hotel, but despite that, the place is very quiet.

Room Size

Given how the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan is nestled back behind other attractions and businesses, one might be surprised by the quality of the rooms. For the bulk of our stay, we were in a room with a single king bed with a hot tub in room. The hot tub was a key selling point for us, which we used a couple of time during our week stay. The standard room we were in was 34 ½’ deep by 13 ¼’ wide.

The first night we stayed at the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan was a study in luxury, though. While our standard room was incredible, the master suite at the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan was unbelievable. The master suite was almost as big as our apartment! The door to the master suite opens into a 19’ x 22’ living room that came complete with a small kitchen area and a two-person hot tub in the corner. In addition to a television in the opposite corner, the living room had two couches and a desk! The bathroom in the master suite was a whopping 10’ x 8’ and featured three sinks in addition to a shower/tub! The master suite had two bedrooms – one of which was 14 ½’ by 13’, the other was 15 ¼’ x 14’ and both had their own televisions and air conditioners! The room was absolutely amazing and despite getting into it exhausted, we were so excited by its size and coolness that we were unable to actually fall asleep for hours in our cool “bonus” room!

The internet rate for the rooms varied between $102.60 and $111.60 (the more expensive days were for our weekend days) and given how the hotel is adjacent to a major U.S. city and featured so many amenities, the price was quite reasonable.


Perhaps unsurprising given how the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan is found in the Midwest in a shopping area, the hotel is an oasis of cleanliness. From the parking lot to the rooms, both of the rooms we were in, everything was immaculately clean.

Every surface in the suite and standard room was spotless. There was no dust, no dirt, not even the slightest hint that anyone had ever stayed in the room before us. It was completely, perfectly clean. The toilet passed the first flush test without incident, the linens were all clean, dry and fluffy. The entire hotel was nonsmoking and nothing smelled like it had ever been in the presence of nicotine. It was clean in a way that an obsessive compulsive person would stay without agitation!

The public areas were similarly clean. The hotel had breakfast room and a smaller nook with vending machines midway through the hotel, both were kept clean by help who did so without hovering or being in any way intrusive. Even the walls were kept free of even a hint of dirt.

Despite staying at the hotel for almost a full week, the cleanliness of the public rooms I saw did not go down. The pool area was as well-maintained as the rest of the hotel and it remained completely stocked with enough towels to dry off a small army of swimmers!


The Quality Inn & Suites Eagan ended up being a real value for all that we got out of it. While it might be standard in all Quality Inn & Suites, the room had a better-than-average shampoo and conditioner that smelled wonderful. As well, there seemed to be extra towels in the room (probably because of the pool and our in-room hot tub), there were four pillows on the king-sized bed, and the room had a refrigerator and sofa in addition to the usual desk. The television had over thirty channels and the most reliable wi-fi internet connection of any of the Choice hotels we had stayed in so far!

Like most hotels in the Choice pantheon, the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan offered a free breakfast. This hotel's breakfast was a hot breakfast, not just a continental one and it was impressive. In addition to the make-your-own waffle station and the standard coffee, the breakfast area at the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan featured three types of juice, bagels, coffee cake, and mini-muffins. As well, there were delicious mini-omelets, sausage and sausage biscuits and gravy! There were hot and cold cereal options and yogurt, hard-boiled eggs and milk cartons. The variety of food options for breakfast was a nice feature and made the hotel seem very inviting.

The pool was a decent size and was clean. While there was time for family swims, there was also late night options for adults-only swimming which was very cool. This was a clean pool area that was warm and did not smell like chlorine, which was very nice. Right next to the pool was a hot tub that could fit about half a dozen people.

One of the key, unsung selling points of the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan was the staff. All of the people who were working at the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan were friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to their jobs. They were all professional and excellent at doing their jobs. It has been a long time since I stayed anywhere where the entire staff was so accommodating and friendly.


My stay at the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan was easily one of the best hotel stays I have ever had. There are very few hotels I have rated perfect, but the Quality Inn & Suites Eagan was the hotel that was easiest for me to rate so highly!

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