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Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee Does Not Live Up To Its Promise!

The Good: Good taste, Appropriately caffeinated
The Bad: Expensive, Not at all the flavor it is supposed to be
The Basics: Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee is an overpriced blend that tastes like nothing but coffee.

In the wake of my birthday, I have all sorts of new, wonderful products to review! The first one I am devoting time to reviewing is Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee. My wife bought me a pound of Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee for my birthday and, in fact, we started the day off together with the coffee! Sadly, the delightful promise of a coffee flavored like one of my favorite styles of donuts was not met by the coffee.

Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee is a good, generic coffee flavor with absolutely no flavor outside of the flavor of coffee to it. That makes it impossible to recommend because this product trades on being distinctively flavored.


One of the premium coffee roasters and distributors in the United States and Europe, Edward’s Flavored Coffee produces a number of blends. Boston Cream Pie is a medium dark blend by Edward’s Flavored Coffee and my wife found the company online and was so excited to get me this particular flavor. To date, we have only found the Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee in a 16 oz. foil-lined bag that is priced on par with the other premium coffees. Because it is not whole bean, no grinding is required. Simply open the top of the bag of Boston Cream Pie Coffee and scoop out the coffee you need. This came with a flimsy plastic tape that allows one to keep the bag closed, but hardly sealed.

Boston Cream Pie Coffee is an aromatic blend in the canister, that smells potently of coffee beans and it is caffeinated.

Ease Of Preparation

Boston Cream Pie Coffee is remarkably easy to prepare, no advanced culinary degrees necessary! First, open the bag. Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee is sealed when first purchased, but the moment it is opened, the coffee becomes vulnerable to environmental influences. After opening the bag, procure a scoop (not included) and measure out one heaping tablespoon for every two cups of water in your coffee maker. Boston Cream Pie Coffee is intended for automatic (drip or percolating) coffee makers, like my Hamilton Beach coffee maker (reviewed here!). This is NOT an instant coffee. As a result, it needs to be brewed.

Consult your coffee maker's instructions for how to brew the coffee. However, as far as the basics go, you'll need a coffee filter, like the Crucial Coffee #4 Permanent Coffee Filter (reviewed here), in which you put the Boston Cream Pie Coffee and then brew through your coffee maker. Edward’s Flavored Coffee does not take a stand on refrigerating the container after opening it.


Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee smells generically like coffee. The aroma does not even hint at Boston Cream Pie. The scent of coffee is true and distinct.

In the mouth, the Boston Cream Pie Coffee is equally inscrutable. The Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee tastes like coffee. Without creamer or sugar, this is a perfectly generic dark coffee flavor. That’s it; coffee. This is the death knell of a flavored coffee; when all it tastes like is coffee, it flops for being a flavored coffee.

A teaspoon of sugar does almost nothing to the Boston Cream Pie Coffee. This coffee takes the sugar and refuses to be overly sweetened by it. Neither sugar, nor creamer make this coffee taste anything more like Boston Cream Pie. Regardless of additives, the Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee leaves a slightly bitter flavor in the mouth. The aftertaste lingers on the tongue for about five minutes after the last sips are consumed.


This is coffee, not something that appears on the nutrition pyramid! Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee does not contribute anything to one's daily recommended allowance of anything. In fact, the bag does not even list ingredients, so one has to assume the only ingredient is coffee.

This is a caffeinated blend and it feels like it! This has enough caffeine to help one wake up in the morning. Because it is a caffeinated coffee, it appears to not have undergone any of the chemical processes that sometimes cause complications in decaffeinated coffees.


Boston Cream Pie Coffee ought to be stored sealed in its bag, firmly closed. Coffee is known to absorb flavors of food nearby it, so keeping the top on is highly recommended. There are different schools of thought on refrigerating open coffee and I have a very clean refrigerator with a lot of ways to segregate coffee, so I tend to come down on the side of refrigerate it. Stored properly, this coffee might have easily made it to the December 1, 2015 expiration date found on the bottom of the bag, but we’re bound to finish it off sooner.

After brewing, coffee grounds ought to be disposed of. This does not seem like an ideal coffee to make a second pot with (though a second brewing came out 1/3 as potent, which is about as strong as a standard cup of weak coffee). These grounds may be thrown in the trash when used or put in a compost pile, if available. Coffee grounds make great compost.


Edward’s Flavored Coffee Boston Cream Pie Coffee is a good coffee, but it is terrible for living up to the promised flavor. That makes it unworthy trying, unless one wants to overpay for generic coffee.

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