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The Auvio 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable Is A More Affordable Option!

The Good: Does exactly what it is designed to do, Comparatively inexpensive, Durable
The Bad: Still pricy
The Basics: The Auvio 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable is a less-expensive replacement option for those who have Apple iPods and need a new cable.

Recently, I discovered – buried in some boxes I had yet to unpack two years after my big move to Michigan – that I still have an iPod Touch (reviewed here!). What I did not have any longer was an Apple Connector For iPods (reviewed here!), which left me with an uncharged iPod Touch and a music collection that was virtually inaccessible. So, to that end, I found myself in the market for a new iPod charge/synch cable. I visited my local Radio Shack, where the clerk tried to sell me the Apple brand replacement. After balking at paying $40 for a single cable, I was thrilled to find an Auvio 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable. For the exact same function, albeit quite a bit shorter, the Auvio 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable For iPod was an incredibly worthwhile replacement at only $15!

What is the Auvio 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable? This is a support piece for the iPod products, most notably the iPod Touch. Mine had to be replaced when my cat Gollum chewed through mine and I had to throw the split cable out. The iPod Touch absolutely requires a charging/synching cord and the Auvio 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable For iPod was an affordable replacement for the one that came with the iPod. The iPod Touch comes with one Synch/Charge Cable and most people ought not to need theirs replaced ever, so long as they are careful about where they store their iPod.

But for those who do need to replace their Apple iPod connector, the Auvio 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable might be the ideal generic replacement. The Connector runs in the $15.00 range and the reason it is comparatively inexpensive is that it does not trade on the Apple name/logo, so it can be sold less expensively. The 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable is a specific tool used to connect the iPod Touch (and other iPod products I do not own) to the computer.

The iPod Touch has a very thin port at the bottom of the device. This port is a 1 ¼" long slot that is essentially configured like a USB port, save that it is longer. This port is unique to iPod products and this port is what allows the iPod to connect to docks and to one's Apple computer or PC. The method of connecting the unique port to the Universal port (USB port) is through the Auvio 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable. The iPod Touch has the female end, the port, the 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable has the male end, which fits into the female end.

The 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable is a simple piece of equipment. It has the male unique port for iPods on one end, a five inch plastic-coated cable, and a USB male end on the opposite end. The USB end fits every female USB port on the planet, from laptops to PCs. The 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable provides power to the iPod to recharge because the USB port, when connected to the iPod through this Connector, transfers electricity. As well, the 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable transfers information. This vital little cord is what moves the information from one's computer and iTunes account to the iPod. Without it, one needs a different recharging port to repower the battery within the iPod. As well, they must rely on the wireless connection on the iPod Touch to transfer information to the iPod (if that is even possible).

As such, the Auvio 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable is a vital piece of equipment, but it is essentially a specialized cord. The male end has little clips that inform one of its successful insertion into the iPod by a little "click" noise that indicates it is properly attached. Those clips seem not to wear out or rust (no reason they ought to as one should not be putting this or the iPod into water!) and this seems like because it is made of metal, it will not wear out when one simply pulls it out of the iPod when they are ready to be mobile again.

But this vital piece of equipment is disappointing for the way they may get lost easily or chewed on by a cat. The cord is comparatively fragile and easily lost, but it is inexpensive compared to the Apple brand version of the same cord. The truth is, the 5” version of the cord is all one truly needs in order to attach one’s iPod or iPad to their powered USB-connected device. That makes the Auvio 1201241 Synch/Charge Cable For iPod well worth picking up.

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