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Avenge This! The Nick Fury Mighty Muggs Figure Lives Up . . . As Much As Any In The Line!

The Good: Costume looks good, Decent accessories, Undeniably the Sam Jackson version of Nick Fury
The Bad: Giant head, Heavy, Light on detailing.
The Basics: The Nick Fury Mighty Muggs figure is hard to screw up and is one of the more obvious The Avengers Mighty Muggs figures.

For those who might not follow my regular toy reviews, I am not a huge fan of the Hasbro Mighty Muggs toy line. I come from a school of thought that appreciates fidelity to the subject of the toys and statues I collect as opposed to a stylized version of the characters. As a result, the entire Mighty Muggs toy line leaves me somewhat miffed; the toys are ridiculous, animated-looking caricatures of the subjects of the toys. Even so, as a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Samuel L. Jackson, I was actually pretty psyched to see the Nick Fury Mighty Muggs figure from The Avengers!

Mighty Muggs toys look like they might be plush as they feature animated versions of recognizable The Avengers characters. However, the cartoon-like heads atop disproportionately smaller bodies simply revealed that the heads and toys were solid, like ceramic (they are, in fact, made of a super-hard, heavy plastic). This is as true of the Nick Fury as it is of other Mighty Muggs figures.

For those unfamiliar with Nick Fury, he appeared in a more action-oriented role in The Avengers (reviewed here!) when the S.H.I.E.L.D. base he was stationed at was attacked by Loki. The black-coated super-spy is presented as a very basic Mighty Muggs figure that is generally recognizable . . . largely because the character is very simple.

The Mighty Muggs Nick Fury figure is all right, largely because the character was very simple.


Nick Fury is a human spy throughout almost all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films and now Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The figure stands 7" tall. Nick Fury is dressed in a black coat and pants that is iconic for the character in the movies. Basically, the outfit is painted solidly onto the puffy body of the toy. There are no additional costume details on the toy, save the painted-on belt and boots.

This toy is a poor sculpt which looks like an oversized, fattened up LEGO figure and the Mighty Muggs figure has a solid body that has two puffy legs. The hands are open slightly and this allows Nick Fury to hold his ridiculously oversized pistols. Nick Fury’s face is recognizable as Samuel L. Jackson . . . from a distorted, animated perspective. The face has the eye patch that is iconic for Nick Fury. As with virtually all of the Mighty Muggs, the facial details are only painted on, not molded onto the face of the figure.


Nick Fury, leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. that he is, comes with two accessories, his pistols. The two one and a half inch long choking hazards fit into either of Nick Fury's hands. These are monolithically molded black guns which look entirely like what they are supposed to, without any subtlety or real detailing. That makes the accessories match the quality of the figure.


The Mighty Muggs toy line was designed for no good reason I can find, perhaps just because someone realized that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was ripe for merchandise exploitation. Those same fans have a ton of good toy and statue options that are better than Mighty Muggs. This heavy toy can be harmful to children and is more intended as a display statue.

Nick Fury comes with only three points of articulation, all of which are simple swivel joints. He has joints at the shoulders and neck. The elbows do not extend, so all arm posing is straight-armed. To be fair, the figure does stand up.


The Nick Fury figure is part of the Mighty Muggs The Avengers collection, which no one I know would ever spend money on, save on severe clearance. The value of these is already declining because it was drastically overproduced in relation to customer demand.


Despite how ridiculous the Mighty Muggs figures are in general, Nick Fury is actually one of the better ones because he looks pretty much like character and actor upon whom he was based. Even so, there is little to recommend the toy.

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