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So Weak All Around, St. Ives Energizing Citrus Cleans Unremarkably!

The Good: Decent lather, Easy to open bottle.
The Bad: Not antibacterial, No scrubbing grit, Slightly more expensive than other widely available body washes, Aroma is nothing exceptional
The Basics: One of the few disappointments from the brand, St. Ives Energizing Citrus Body Wash is a body wash that works . . . but not in any special way.

For a little while, since my wife cut off my long hair, I am on a self-imposed hiatus from hair care reviews. In the absence of hair care reviews, as I consider reviewing health and beauty products, my attention is turning more to my teeth and my skin. Today, I find myself considering my skin and the body wash I have been using for the last month: St. Ives Energizing Citrus body wash. While the Energizing Citrus body wash is undeniably effective at cleaning, it is one of the most bland, generic products St. Ives has produced, without a strong or enduring scent.

St. Ives Energizing Citrus body wash is utterly unremarkable, especially in the aroma department. The 24 fl. oz. bottle usually sells locally $5.99 and it looks like Energizing Citrus has been on the market for a while and is one of St. Ives’s established products. Why, I am not sure. The Energizing Citrus Body Wash is an effective, easy-to-use product that leaves skin feeling clean, but that is all. I found no “energizing” properties from this at all through my monthlong use of it.

Body washes have been a product I am less eager to review because they usually seem disproportionately expensive to me, but St. Ives is known for providing high-quality personal cleaners with strong scents. St. Ives's Energizing Citrus Body Wash initial price is comparatively expensive, but given its high lather quality, it’s not the worst value on the market. Because my attempts to get an enduring scent out of this body wash led me to use more initially, my wife and I did go through the bottle a little faster than usual.

The Energizing Citrus Body Wash is a very liquid opaque light green fluid about the consistency of most shampoos. This is a smooth body wash, so there is no grit in it to help exfoliate the skin. Using the Energizing Citrus Body Wash is simple. The bottle features a flip top that opens with the flick of the thumb. The bottle is easy enough to open and close one handed as to make it convenient in the tub or shower, especially if one is using a loufa or washcloth in the other hand. The bottle of Energizing Citrus Body Wash is fairly flat on the front and back and rounded on the sides. It is not overly slippery when wet, unlike some body washes I have used!

Dispensing the Energizing Citrus Body Wash is very easy. Simply squeeze the bottle and apply the fluidic body wash to your hand, loufa or cloth. In my experience, the body wash is more liquid than creamy and, as a result, comes out much like a hand soap or dishwashing liquid. As a result, about a quarter-sized dollop is all that is necessary to clean my whole body when it mixes with the water from my shower or bath. I've found it most effective to dole out the body wash in dime-sized dollops in order to get the most out of each application, but generally it takes very little of this body wash to go a long way.

Part of the reason the product washes off so well is that it lathers exceptionally well. Used sparingly, like in dime-sized portions, the Energizing Citrus Body Wash may be spread over an entire limb the way it lathers up. Simply agitating it on the skin yields a foamy, clean lather that both moisturizes the skin. Without a loufa or other rough applicator, it does not remove dirt or grime beyond what one expects from water running. As the water flows over it, it washes off easily leaving behind no film or residue, only clean, soft skin and a faint, incredible smell.

The Energizing Citrus Body Wash smells unremarkable. The aroma from this body wash is one of the least impressive and least enduring body wash scents I have tried. Smelling like a diluted mix of grapefruits and mandarin oranges, the Energizing Citrus Body Wash has a vaguely fruity, slightly citrus scent to it that is not strong enough to truly electrify one’s morning or night.

As a result of the less robust scent, it was unsurprising to me that the primary ingredient in St. Ives's Energizing Citrus Body Wash is water. For a body wash that is unremarkable as a cleaner or scent-provider, it is not surprising to think it is primarily water in the ingredients.

St. Ives Energizing Citrus Body Wash is a weaker citrus cleaner and one that is not likely to knock the socks off anyone who gets sweaty and needs a decent cleaner to feel rejuvenated, energized or clean and sweet smelling afterward!

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