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Wonderful For A Water-Drinking Family, The Brita Oceania Pitcher Makes Lots Of Drinkable Water!

The Good: Excellent water filtration abilities, Comparatively inexpensive, Easy to use, Comes with an additional filter!
The Bad: Leakage issue, Replacement filters are pretty expensive.
The Basics: The Brita Oceania Pitcher Water Filtration System is a great water filtration pitcher for a family (or individuals who want a lot of good, clean water!).

Ever since my wife and I moved to Michigan, we have been dismayed by how hard the water in our apartment is. Deapite regular cleanings, we noticed our beautiful white Brita Slim Pitcher (reviewed here!) turning progressively redder. So, when we were recently given the gift of a Brita Oceania Pitcher Water Filtration System, we were actually thrilled in a way that might stymie outsiders. Cleaner equipment means cleaner water and given my wife’s health problems, anything we can do to keep bad stuff from going into our bodies, the better. The Brita Oceania Pitcher Water Filtration System allows us to do that, for a decent amount of water in each pitcher. The Brita Oceania Pitcher Water Filtration System has more bells and whistles than our old Slim Pitcher and I found it cool that Brita included two filters with the Oceania Model.

The Brita Oceania Pitcher Water Filtration System is a clear plastic pitcher that is very easy to use and actually filters the water one puts in it (as opposed to needing a sink-based or refrigerator-based filtration system). A ten cup pitcher, the Brita Oceania Pitcher Water Filtration System uses the standard Brita water filters and one simply has to put the water through the top of the pitcher when it comes time to fill it.

The water filter itself must be prepped; soaked for about three hours in a separate container or bowl before it is inserted into the Brita Oceania Pitcher Water Filtration System. When placing the filter in, there is a fin in the chute in which the filter is placed that assures that the filter is oriented correctly within the pitcher and that it will do what it is supposed to. The top of the filter sits flush with the bottom of the filling receptacle, which forces all of the water one places in the top of the Oceania Pitcher through the filter! To fill, one simply presses the back of the top of the Oceania Pitcher, exposing the filling receptacle, and insert water! The Oceania Pitcher and its filter do the rest.

As mentioned before, the Oceania Pitcher Water Filtration System has some bells and whistles that the lowest priced Brita Water Pitchers do not. The Oceania is a curvy, stylish system, which is, for lack of a better term, very pretty. The handle has a very graceful curve to it and there is something sensual about the comfort grip handle. Unfortunately, the Comfort Grip Handle is actually one of the poorer design aspects of this Water Filtration System. The handle is hollow, which is fine and it is connected to the filling receptacle at the top of the pitcher. Conceptually, this is a clever idea; when one accidentally overfills the filling receptacle, the backwash flows back through the handle. Sadly, this means that one is usually left with a puddle as the water then flows out the bottom of the handle! Whether this is a design flaw with the Oceania or we got a bad pitcher is unclear, though the design makes some sense as one would not want stagnant water building up and sitting in the handle!

The Oceania Pitcher also includes an electronic filter indicator. This tiny LED on the top of the lid to the filling receptacle lets users know when it is time to change the filter. It works (and those who want to deny that it is time for a new filter are left with bright evidence to the contrary!), but I’m not sure this is an incredible selling point or more of a gimmick. It is useful for those of us who lose track of time and do not pay so much attention to when it is time to change the filter!

The Brita Oceania Pitcher Water Filtration System produces clean, delicious water that tastes like only water and the result is quite refreshing. The inclusion of a second filter is nice and that we have gotten just over two months of use out of each filter with our hard water makes this a decent investment for myself, my wife, and our critters. Despite its design flaw, this is a good pitcher filter system for a family!

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