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Not Minty Enough To Thrill Mint Fans, Baileys With A Hint Of Mint Chocolates Are Still Good!

The Good: Flavorful, Affordable
The Bad: Not as minty as I tend to like.
The Basics: Turin's Baileys with a hint of mint chocolate chocolates are a fun treat, but not an exceptional one.

Every major holiday, I find myself being gifted a wonderful number of foods from my wife. I’m still getting through all of the wonderful foods she gave me for the winter holiday. Today, I find myself considering one of the winter sweets she gave me: the Baileys with a hint of mint chocolate chocolates! As one who does not drink, but who loves virtually all things chocolate mint, I was excited by these chocolates, but somewhat disappointed by how little they have in the way of mint flavor to them.


Turin is a chocolatier that features nonalcoholic fillings of flavors most commonly associated with alcohols. The Baileys with a hint of mint chocolate pack is a 7 oz. tube that features individually-wrapped chocolates inside. The Baileys with a hint of mint chocolate chocolates are encased in a brown foil wrapper. Unwrapping the chocolates reveals a truffle-like dome that is 1" in diameter and 3/4" tall. Each of the chocolate candies features a ribbed side and the top of each dome has the Turin logo stamped on top.

Ease Of Preparation

Eating Turin chocolates is not a real challenge. After opening the box, unwrap the chocolate and stick it in your mouth. There is no particularly complicated equation to eating these chocolates. The unwrapping of each chocolate before consuming it is the essential preparation to this food.


With a surprisingly mint aroma, the Baileys with a hint of mint chocolate is inviting as a blend of mint and milk chocolate to the nose. Interestingly, the aroma opens up the nose like one would expect an alcoholic drink to!

The Baileys with a hint of mint chocolate is a milk chocolate truffle, so the initial flavor is incredibly sweet. The sweetness is cut with a slight dryness that announces the chocolate is present. As the light chocolate shell melts away, the filled center bursts out. The grainy mint and chocolate center is equally sweet, but slightly more fluid than the coating. The mint flavor is sublimated to the chocolate flavor. It’s not bad, but chocolate fans definitely win out over those who love mint.

Interestingly, the Bailey’s with a hint of mint chocolate candies have no enduring aftertaste.


Turin chocolates are intended as a dessert product, so they lack any real nutritional benefit! A serving of these truffles is three truffles, but they have no real nutritional benefit. Made primarily of milk chocolate made of sugar, dry whole milk, and cocoa butter, there is nothing alcoholic in the ingredients. This is not an all-natural food product and these truffles were produced on equipment that forces them to add a disclaimer about tree nuts, milk, eggs and sulphites.

The Turin Baileys with a hint of mint chocolate chocolates have 150 calories, 90 of which are from fat. A full three chocolate serving represents 30% of one's RDA of saturated fat and 2% of the RDA of cholesterol. Surprisingly, they have very little sodium and there is no protein in a full serving. These are not a significant source of any vitamins or minerals.


As a chocolate, Turin chocolates are fine as long as they are stored in their container at a cool, dry temperature. My wife picked these up for me late last year and they had an expiration date of July 4, 2014. If they melt, they will not likely stain because they are so light. Otherwise, cleanup is simply throwing the foil wrapper away and recycling the cardboard container.


Turin Baileys with a hint of mint chocolate chocolates are tasty, but not strongly mint flavored. That makes them more average than extraordinary

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