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Tidy Cats Cedar, Corn & Pine Clumping Cat Litter Deodorizes Better Than It Clumps!

The Good: Absorbs odors, Good scent, Affordable
The Bad: Does not clump well, Not (technically) flushable
The Basics: A wonderful litter for multiple cats, Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cedar, Corn & Pine Clumping cat litter is a wonderful-smelling natural liter that does not hold together as well as one might hope.

Since my wife got rid of my cat Brillo (he’s back with my ex-wife now and, presumably, alive and happy with her!), I have clung to my devotion to the cat litter they used to use. I’ve used Cat’s Pride Premium Scoopable Cat Litter (reviewed here!) for Gollum and our new cat, Timber, out of some sense of brand loyalty that might not have been entirely unwarranted. But Timber has had a slight digestive disorder since we brought him home from the shelter in March. Timber goes to the bathroom with a fury that makes his poop smell entirely disgusting (and aromatically so!). So, my wife decided it was time to jump ship on the old litter and try something new. That brought us to Tidy Cats Cedar, Corn & Pine Clumping Cat Litter as our new replacement litter.

Cart's Pride Cedar, Corn & Pine Clumping cat litter is an organic litter that is made up of tiny wood pellets and cedar and pine dust. Lately, we’ve found this locally for $10.00 for a 7.5 pound bag or $12.50 for a twelve pound bag. The plastic bag is entirely inconvenient as it is not resealable. This has quite a bit of wood dust to it and it leaves the bag in a cloud that will cause either your cat or you to be agitated by it.

If changing your cat's entire litterbox, one 7.5 lb. bag will fill an average litterbox to the 3" recommended depth with about half a bag left over. The litter pellets are tiny tan granules that are very clearly wood. The moment the bag is open, the litter smells strongly of cedar and pine. In fact, it is so aromatic and remains so that even after weeks in the litterbox, when the cat digs in the litter.

Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cedar, Corn & Pine Clumping cat litter clumps right up when my cats urinate. The mass becomes fairly solid within seconds, but the litter clumps are not cohesive enough to hold up when one tries to separate the clumps from the leftover litter.

When I first found Tidy Cats Pure Nature premium, my cats had been using a clay litter for years. I liked that one because it clumped so well and flushed perfectly. Unfortunately, the Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cedar, Corn & Pine Clumping Litter forms a gelatin that adheres to the toilet when one tries to flush it. This is not an ideal flushable litter.

Neither of my cats bury their litter clumps or their poop. However, the Tidy Cats Pure Nature cat litter smells wonderful and it overwhelms the scent of any waste my cats make, at least for the first two weeks it is in the box. After two weeks, though, one will have to add more litter to take advantage of the odor covering properties of this litter.

This is a good litter for odor control, but a bit of a pain for using to dispose of the waste in the litterbox. It clumps all right, but does not hold up while sifting.

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