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Starting A Lackluster Line Out Well: The Star Wars The Black Series Padme Amidala Figure Rocks!

The Good: Wonderful sculpt, Decent accessories, Great balance and articulation
The Bad: Somewhat expensive/low collector’s value!
The Basics: Unless it yellows, the Star Wars The Black Collection action figure of Padme Amidala might well be the ultimate Attack Of The Clones version of Padme in action figure form.

When it comes to new Star Wars action figures, I have been skeptical of many of the new releases. After all, so many of the main characters have been done to death in action figure form and most of them have actually been done perfectly (finally). In fact, when the new The Black Series of Star Wars action figures was announced, I was instantly disappointed because none of the figures were unique to the new line. But, once the line was released, I looked over them and the Scout Trooper I thought would be the highlight of the line turned out to be a dud. Instead, the best of the first wave was actually the Padme Amidala figure.

The Padme Amidala figure is Padme as she appeared in the Geonosis Arena battle scenes in Attack Of The Clones (reviewed here!). She is sculpted with the back of her outfit cut open, after the Nexu attacked her. Otherwise this is a pretty generic end of Attack Of The Clones figure.

This 4" Padme Amidala figure is wonderful and articulated incredibly well. Unless this figure ages poorly (by yellowing, which it does not appear it will based on the plastic looking less white now), this might be a perfect figure and the best Padme Amidala action figure.


Padme Amidala in this form is the Senator from Naboo posed neutrally from the Battle Of Geonosis from Attack Of The Clones. She is cast in her white outfit, with her hair back and a belt. She has a neutral stance and Padme's right hand can hold the blaster. The left hand is molded with the fingers spread open enough so she can hold the Naboo blaster that comes with her.

The Padme Amidala figure stands only 3 7/16" tall, which puts her in proportion to the rest of the line. Padme Amidala is appropriately coifed in her white top and white leggings and boots with her right arm, midriff and face exposed. The figure has such appropriate details as the tear from the Nexu on her back and a holster on her belt. As well, her bare arm has an armlet. This figure is made of a combination of solid plastic, with her arms and belt being composed of a softer, more rubbery plastic.

This toy is a decent sculpt, in the face area. This Padme Amidala looks appropriately like actress Natalie Portman. Padme Amidala is impressive in his coloring detail . . . to a point. The detailing on the figure's face is somewhat monolithic and the skin tones are nowhere near realistic. She has no rouge, for example on her cheeks, but her lips are accurately bright pink. As well, the fingers do not have fingernails molded into the sculpt.


Padme Amidala, being a captive Senator, has two scene-appropriate accessories. This Padme Amidala figure comes with a Naboo blaster pistol and a Battle Droid's blaster. The Naboo blaster is monolithic silver soft plastic and fits perfectly in the holster on her belt. The ¾” long gun accessory fits perfectly in either of her hands.

The other weapon Padme Amidala comes with is a Battle Droid's blaster, like the one she recovered once she and Anakin were freed! This is a simple 1 1/4" black plastic blaster which is lacking in any coloring details, though it is a good sculpt of the weapon. Unfortunately, it looks disproportionately large in Padme's grip, but at least it is accurate.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and Padme Amidala is incredible in that regard. This Padme Amidala has incredible balance and articulation. The figure has holes in the bottom of the feet that allow it to be stuck onto any playset or vehicle that has the corresponding pegs. Padme Amidala is gifted with an incredible fourteen points of articulation. Padme Amidala, as an action figure, has joints at the knees, ankles, groin socket, bustline, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and neck. Most of the joints are actually hinge joints that also swivel, which gives Padme an incredible amount of articulation.

Between the balance and articulation, this is an incredible figure that has somewhat obvious and exposed joints, but still looks pretty wonderful.


Padme Amidala is part of the 2013 Star Wars The Black Series collection of four-inch action figures. This series of Star Wars action figures was fairly common and the Padme Amidala figure was #01 in that collection and was one per case, though they do not seem to be at all hard to find. As a result, Padme Amidala was pretty well available in the cases of this product and as a result is still widely available on the primary market today. It is doubtful that, despite the quality of this figure, it will appreciate in value.


Padme Amidala is a wonderful figure that might be the best action-oriented Amidala figure and is worth buying to replace earlier white-costumed Amidalas.

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