Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Weak Brush (Strong Handle), The Conair Grooming Brush With Reinforced Boar Bristles!

The Good: Does not damage hair, Good for short hair, Good solid handle
The Bad: Utterly ineffective on long, thick hair, Not very strong.
The Basics: The Conair Grooming Brush fails to actually straighten and separate hair.

It’s a rare thing that I take the time to review a hairbrush. In fact, after I reviewed the Conair Anti Static Grooming Brush (reviewed here!), I did not think I would actually review another one. Even as I prepare to stop reviewing hair products for a while (my wife cut off all my hair last week), I figured it was time to review the Conair Grooming Brush. The Grooming Brush (Conair product #95116Z) is distinguished by its reinforced boar bristles . . . which are entirely ineffective against hair. Conair has yet to truly land it for me with a brush; this brush has a great handle, but virtually worthless bristles.

The Conair Grooming Brush is a hairbrush, 8 5/6” from handle to tip of the head, 2” wide on the head and containing dozens of boar hair bristles 5/8" long. The bristles are soft and in bunches that bend. They do not work all that well because, more often than not, they simply bend when they encounter snags in the hair. The grip on the Conair Grooming Brush is smooth, which makes it very easy to grab onto and hold solidly as one brushes even the thick hair.

The fact that the brush is one solid piece – the handle and head are a single wooden piece, which makes it significantly stronger than molded handle/head brushes.

To its credit, after half a year of daily use from my wife and experimental use by myself occasionally, none of the bristles have come out, so it is durable. It is, however, not a reasonable solution for untangling and brushing long hair, as it is the hairbrush of utter surrender when it encounters resistance, making it impossible to recommend.

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