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A Great Scent Does Not Mask The Limp Cleaning Power Of Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange Dish Soap!

The Good: Scent is great, Works well on cooked-on food, Appears to work
The Bad: Does not excessively cut grease, Does not clean in any remarkable way
The Basics: A fair concentrated dish liquid, Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange is good, but not exceptional, making it a more basic staple cleaner than a “must buy.”

A few years back, citrus-based cleaners were all of the rage. At that time, the cleaning power of the orange was lauded as a miracle in grease-cutting and grime destroying. I’m not exactly sure how that fad ended, but even after the death of the mainstream “citrus can clean anything” movement, Palmolive continues to promote the benefits of citrus with their dishwashing liquids. Tonight, I find myself considering Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange dish washing liquid. Despite not being an exceptional cleaner, the Antibacterial Orange liquid actually appears to work on the germ warfare level and that makes it worthwhile as a basic cleaner.

I found the Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange on clearance for $1.99. I was actually happy that, even at such an inexpensive price, the Antibacterial Orange dish liquid smelled good and appears to kill bacteria on dishes (though, honestly, I wasn’t exactly awash in bacterial plagues before I started using this dish liquid). What it did not do, though, is degrease dishes in any notable or exciting way.

Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange is a very simple dish soap. It is a translucent light orange fluid. I found it exclusively in the 30 fl. oz. plastic bottle. In that form, it appears much like any other dish soap. It features a top that is opened by pulling up on the green top. When opened, the very fluidic liquid dish soap is remarkably easy to dispense. I tend to expect Ultra products, those concentrated without much excess water, to be much more viscous, even gooey. Instead, Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange is very fluid and that led me initially to reason that it was not going to be a great value, though it turned out to be pretty good. More than any other Palmolive product I have tried to date, the Antibacterial Orange makes bubbles easily that fly through the air when one is doing dishes!

Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange lives up to its “Ultra” name. I use a dime sized dollop of Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange when I do dishes. That little amount allows me to do a full (two people’s dishes, three meals a day) sink full of dishes. We have used this bottle of Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange for over two months and it is not disappearing fast. That surprised me, given how fluidic this dish liquid is. Still, it seems to go far! As well, it has a very good lathering quality that cleans up dishes adequately, though not superlatively.

When opened, Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange emits a very strong orange scent that perfectly embodies the expected fruit. This is one of the stronger scents from the Ultra Palmolive product line and also one of the most accurate; it smells just like mandarin oranges. However, when dishes are properly rinsed, the scent washes right off with the soap. Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange is a fair dishsoap, but it is inviting to the nose.

Using Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange is simple. All you need to do is open a bottle of Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange, squirt a dollop into a dirty bowl, cup or onto a plate and turn the water on. A dime-sized dollop is enough to clean an entire sink full of dishes. One of the superlative characteristics of Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange is that it lathers up excellently, easily bubbling to fill a sink with cleaning bubbles. This leaves dishes clean and even when all sorts of dishes have been soaking together, like greasy pans and drinking glasses, dishes that are washed and then rinsed with this dishsoap end up sparkling clean.

What Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange is not ideal for are the real potstickers. If you cook rice to the bottom of a pot or burn a pasta meal to an old pan whose Teflon surface has worn out, the Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange dish soap will not do all that much for you. Objective testing in those circumstances illustrated that Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange did not enhance the cleaning experience for trying to get cooked-on goods off pots and pans. Soaking those dishes showed no real difference between with this dishsoap vs. just hot water. That makes some sense as Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange does not have any form of agitating beads in it. To me, this is not a dealbreaker, as I tend to rely upon the type of scrubbing instrument (like a steel wool pad) to do the work over the detergent.

In the end, Ultra Palmolive Antibacterial Orange is good, but the scent does not make up for the lack of real cleaning power, making it a tougher sell than most Palmolive products.

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