Monday, February 25, 2013

It May Still Smell Like Bacon, But Myah Won’t Play With The Hartz Chew ‘N Clean Bacon Flavor Durable Chew Toy!

The Good: Durable, Relatively inexpensive, Smell endures
The Bad: Myah pretty adamantly refuses to play with it or chew on it.
The Basics: Myah does not play with the Bacon Flavor Durable Chew Toy Chew ‘N Clean toy, even though if she did it could help her dental health!

I am a fan of Hartz products, both their foods and their toys. However, I have yet to find a company where they produce 100% winners. Unfortunately, Myah found a lemon from Hartz with their Bacon Flavor Durable Chew Toy. The Bacon Flavor Durable Chew Toy has a number of very worthwhile traits to it, but the fact that Myah adamantly refuses to play with or chew on the toy. While my wife and I both worked at a pet store and saw numerous dogs playing with these toys on a daily basis, our five year-old Siberian Husky, Myah, did not,

The Bacon Flavor Durable Chew Toy is a simple one; it is five and a half inches long, one and five-eighths inches wide and 1 1/8” thick. The Bacon Flavor Durable Chew Toy is a durable nylon toy that is bone-shaped and made of a hard white nylon. The center portion of the toy is purple and significantly textured, for cleaning teeth. That center portion smells very much like bacon and even after five months, Myah has only played with the toy twice.

Myah is almost five years old, but she is very rambunctious and eager to play. But, no matter how many times I get out this toy Myah does not play with it or show interest in chewing on it.

Having had other experiences with the Chew ‘N Clean toys, I know that they are exceptionally durable. They can be cleaned repeatedly with bleach (and have to be rinsed incredibly well) and dogs can be exceptionally rough with them. Myah, however, has a Chew ‘N Clean Bacon Flavor Durable Chew Toy that shows no wear whatsoever because she refuses to play with it.

Arguably the only dud I’ve yet found from Hartz’s dog toy line, the Chew ‘N Clean toy is one Myah just does not want.

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2.5 /10

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