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Gollum Purrs For Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Turkey & Cheddar Flavor Cat Treats!

The Good: Gollum absolutely loved them!
The Bad: Comparatively pricey, No dental benefits
The Basics: Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Savory Turkey & Cheddar Flavor treats woke Gollum up and got him active, though I was less enthusiastic about them!

Near where we now live, there is an awesome local pet store. It has a whole wall of freebies that I, admittedly, take advantage of every time I am in the area. So, the other day when my wife and I made a trip to Petosky to check out the Odawa Casino (reviewed here!) and we managed to hit the pet shop on the way back home, we ended up there near closing and I was not too picky about what I was buying in order to be able to stock up on the samples for our cat Gollum and our Siberian Husky (who accompanied us on the adventure), Myah. But, it was then that I got Gollum the Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Savory Turkey & Cheddar Flavor treats. Had I actually looked at the package, I probably would not have purchased them for him; they are a soft treat and at $2.99 for a 3 oz. bag, they are a bit more than I like to spend on what is essentially candy for Gollum.

But, since the moment I first opened the Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Savory Turkey & Cheddar Flavor Cat Treats, I have had an enthusiastic little friend who is attentive to anything I want right nearby, eagerly purring. Seriously, Gollum loves these treats and he would probably tear my eyeballs out if I did not positively review them. For the price, though, I would have wanted them to have dental benefits for the little guy!


Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Savory Turkey & Cheddar Flavor Flavored cat treats are soft little treats that come shaped like little orange-brown cylinders. They are very soft and actually smell like a meatlog. These treats are pretty much bite sized for a cat, though they require Gollum to chew them. Each one is a cylinder 3/8” in diameter and 1/4” tall.

Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Savory Turkey & Cheddar Flavor Flavored treats are the only Cloud Star cat treats I have given Gollum and the 3 oz. plastic bag is unlikely to last more than a week the way he has been vociferously begging for them. If I apply some discipline to how he gets them, they ought to last at least three times that long.

Ease Of Preparation

Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits plays off classic conditioning, by having pet owners who use Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits to crinkle the stiff plastic bag to bring cats to the owner for their treats. Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Savory Turkey & Cheddar Flavored treats are available in a stiff plastic bag that Gollum has recognized since he was young and had other cat treats in similar bags.

The truth is, though, I'm a somewhat lazy cat owner. Gollum keeps me moving around to play fetch and keep the litter box immaculately cleaned, I'm often too busy (or forgetful) to give him the treats he claims to deserve (he’s not always the good cat he declares himself to be!). As such, more often than not, Gollum gets the treats like Lucky Charms marshmallows in his dinner.

Gollum’s Reaction

The package has no recommendation on serving size, but if Gollum had his way, he would get a whole bag at a time, each and every time! Seriously, that is how much he loves them. He ate them until his breath smelled like cheddar cheese and turkey jerky. This grain-free treat might be the treat that Gollum has most instantly gravitated toward in his entire little life! Whenever I open the bag Gollum is right there purring for one of these treats!


Unlike hard cat treats, the Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Savory Turkey & Cheddar Flavor cat treats have no dental benefits for cats. On the nutrition front, they are not bad, probably owing to the fact that the primary ingredients are: Turkey, chickpea flour, and potato flour. The ingredients appear to be all natural and they agree with Gollum’s digestive tract.

With a minimum of 7% crude protein and 6% fat, but no more than 2% crude fiber and 28% moisture, there is nothing truly bad in these treats. It is always recommended to have adequate water supplies available for your cat when giving them treats, though I have not noticed Gollum going for his water after eating these.


While Gollum is not responsible for thinking about his dental health, I am. And for the price, Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Savory Turkey & Cheddar Flavor Grain Free Cat treats might be lighting up his world, but the aren’t impressing me as much as they do nothing to prevent tartar or plaque build-up.

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