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The Shadows Of The Empire Leia In Boushh Disguise May Be The First (Modern) Boushh, But It Is Not The Best!

The Good: Very inexpensive, Cool accessories, Generally decent sculpt.
The Bad: Low articulation, Light on coloring details
The Basics: The Shadows Of The Empire Leia In Boushh Disguise figure is neat, but has been improved on many times since.

I remember when the Shadows Of The Empire Boussh figure was first released. I was in college, the Internet was still fairly new and the first pictures of the figure were leaked from Kenner. I made them my wallpaper. At the time, I recall being excited that Boushh would have a removable helmet and featured the thermal detonator molded right into her left hand. How far we’ve come! With the Original Trilogy Collection Boushh (reviewed here!) showing huge improvements over the Shadows Of The Empire incarnation of the figure, it is hard to remember why we used to be so excited by this version!

For those unfamiliar with the Leia In Boushh Disguise, she was the bounty hunter disguise for Princess Leia in Return Of The Jedi (reviewed here!) and in the prequel book Shadows Of The Empire (reviewed here). Boussh is introduced as a way for Leia to infiltrate Black Sun, the Empire’s criminal organization.

The 4" Leia In Boushh Disguise figure is an average action figure that still has a few neat details that make it worth picking up this cheap bounty hunter figure.


The Leia In Boushh Disguise is the frequently annoyed Princess in disguise. The Leia In Boushh Disguise figure stands 3 3/4" tall to the top of her helmeted head! This version of Boushh looks a lot like the character did in Return Of The Jedi. In addition to the distinctive, blocky helmet, this Boushh figure features a removable half-cape. The entire figure is molded in hard plastic.

Boushh is inscrutable and lightly armored. Removing her helmet reveals the face of Princess Leia. On this, Kenner was ambitious. This version of Boushh features such molded elements as the hair on the side of Leia’s face descending down to her jawbone. The head sculpt looks vaguely like Carrie Fisher and the bun in back is a good detail for the toy. Boushh’s armor looks leathery and this version of the figure has the character’s backpack and bandoleer molded right on. In her left hand, there is the bright silver thermal detonator molded to the palm. The right hand is molded mostly closed so it may hold the prod that Boushh comes with.

The coloring elements for the Leia In Boushh Disguise are good, but not extraordinary. For sure, Kenner got right the tan, maroon and gunmetal colors that make up most of the basic portions of the Boushh disguise. The silver-gray for the thermal detonator is good, as are the highlights to the bandoleer that make it look like it actually has little tools affixed to it. Underneath the helmet, though, Boushh is a little darker than Carrie Fisher ever appeared in the movie and her bright pink lipstick is a pretty glaring contrast to the rest of the figure. Her eyes are little more than brown dots with white dots for pupils. This is a very clean look for Boushh and now, having seen the dirtier, more rugged versions of the figure, that is a bit of a disappointment.


The Leia In Boushh Disguise figure needs only one accessory, outside the removable helmet and that is her blaster rifle. Boushh’s blaster rifle is so long it resembles a staff with a power back at its base. There is not, notably enough, a grip or handle on the 4” accessory gun. The blaster rifle is cast in all black plastic and has light molded surface detailing like the fine balls on the tip and the scopes on the base of the firearm. It may only be held in Leia’s right hand and because the weapon does not have a grip, it can only truly be held like it was a staff.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and the Leia In Boushh Disguise is fair in that regard. The figure is mildly articulated and has average balance. The figure tips over when the feet are moved slightly out of a flatfooted position, but is pretty stable when flatfooted. Fortunately, the blaster rifle may act like a third leg to make this Leia more stable. As well, she has the holes in the bottom of her feet needed to make her perfectly stable on the playsets and vehicles that feature corresponding pegs.

The Leia In Boushh Disguise figure has only six points of articulation, with swivel joints at the groin socket, shoulders, neck and waist. The head articulation is fine, without the helmet on, but only allows Boushh to look left to right, not up and down.


Leia In Boushh Disguise is part of the Shadows Of The Empire four-inch series, a series of Star Wars action figures that was exceptionally common. This was a pegwarmer at the time and was massively overproduced, arguably because the concept did not catch on with anyone other than the die-hard fans and collectors.  As well, this identical Boushh figure appeared on the Power Of The Force card. Now, it remains easy to find on the secondary market and may be easily and inexpensively replaced should you actually want one, especially since Hasbro has recast the figure at least twice now with more popular and profitable renditions of the character. This figure is a terrible investment piece, at any price!


The Shadows Of The Empire Leia In Boushh Disguise was once a high standard for Kenner, but Hasbro has since beat that standard pretty handily and looking back, this is far from the flawless figure I gawked at when I first saw it online. It is good, but not truly great.

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