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Fairly Healthy, Yoplait Delights Parfait Grasshopper Pie Lowfat Yogurt Could Still Be Better.

The Good: Tastes good, Easy to prepare
The Bad: Comparatively expensive, Limited shelf life, Does not taste as minty or chocolatey as I would like.
The Basics: Yoplait Delights Parfait presents a mint and chocolate lowfat yogurt with their Grasshopper Pie, which is sadly underwhelming.

Eating healthy does not mean you have to give up everything you love. That, at least, is the theory behind changing your diet, as opposed to just going on a diet. I am finding, however, that many of the flavors that I truly love - and so many of the foods that make me want to passionately write about them – are not the healthiest ones on the market. This, naturally, is distressing. However, I continue to try things that I hope will pleasantly surprise me by being a more healthy incarnation of something I already love. As one who loves mint chocolate things, I was excited when my wife and I picked up the Grasshopper Pie Yoplait Delights Parfait.

My hopes that this would become the treat that replaced my mint chocolate chip ice cream in my new, healthy, lifestyle, were dampened by the truth that this yogurt is mildly mint flavored and the chocolate in it is waxy and hardly flavorful. That said, it is fairly healthy and that made it easy to eat under my new diet plan.


Yogurt is a very basic snack to begin with. Yoplait brand Grasshopper Pie yogurt is part of their Delights Parfait assortment and is a 4 oz. plastic cup filled with light green and brown yogurt and additional chocolate flakes suspended in the yogurts. Each pack of Yoplait Delights Parfait comes with four plastic cups worth of yogurt. The intent is to make this yogurt taste more like a grasshopper pie, which is a mint chocolate pie, much like a cheesecake.

Yoplait fails to do that, but it does create a snack that is good and fairly good for you.

Ease of Preparation

Yoplait Delights Parfait lowfat yogurt is remarkably simple to prepare. The Delights Parfait comes already made, so simply remove a single plastic cup from the cardboard box, remove the foil seal from the top and enjoy this snack with a spoon! The Grasshopper Pie Delights Parfait is a dairy product and needs to be refrigerated, but it goes from the package to you with remarkably little fuss!

One plastic cup represents a single serving. While I am not overly thrilled about all of the waste this product generates, it is hard to argue that it is not convenient to have the individual portions.


The Yoplait Delights Parfait smells lightly like chocolate and is surprisingly not very aromatic. There is no hint of mint in the primary scent from this yogurt treat.

Ironically, the taste is the opposite way. The flavor of chocolate is almost entirely sublimated to the yogurt and mint flavors. Even though there are chocolate chunks within this creamy treat, the sour yogurt flavor and the subtle sweet tang of the mint overwhelm any chance the chocolate had to express itself in this yogurt. And while this is a flavorful yogurt snack, it is not richly chocolate or mint in a way that impresses me on its own. To be clear, it tastes slightly minty and a tiny bit like chocolate, but compared to virtually anything else that claims to be chocolate mint, this is just yogurt flavored.


Because it is a dairy snack, Yoplait Grasshopper Pie lowfat yogurt attempts to be healthy, but is very perishable. Because it is a dairy product and made with real milk, it is a fairly decent snack on the nutrition front. Obviously, though, it is a dairy product so those who are lactose intolerant or have dairy allergies might want to have something else for dessert. The Grasshopper Pie flavor Delights Parfait is gluten free, but not even remotely vegan compliant.

One serving, a prepackaged plastic cup, has 120 calories, twenty-five of which come from fat. That represents 4% of the RDA of fat and 2% of one's daily cholesterol. There is not a significant amount of protein in this dessert, though there are 4 grams of protein and it is not bad on the sodium front either, as a single serving has only 3% of a person's daily recommended sodium. The milk in a serving provides only 10% of the RDA of calcium. There are negligible amounts of Phosphorous, Vitamin D and Vitamin A as well. As I said, this could be a lot worse as far as a snack or dessert goes.


Yoplait Grasshopper Pie lowfat yogurt comes entirely prepared and, as a dairy product, has a very limited shelf life. My wife and I picked up a box on clearance on January 1 and it had an expiration date of January 10! This is a very perishable product that must be kept refrigerated.

Clean-up is easy as this yogurt wipes off easily from nonporous surfaces. However, if it gets into or onto fabrics, it may absorb into the fibers and yogurt has a way of reeking when that happens! If you get it on your clothes, consult a fabric guide as to how best to clean yogurt off your garment. The Delights Parfaits wash easily off spoons or bowls. The cup rinses out easily and may be recycled.


Grasshopper Pie is not truly minty enough – or chocolate-flavored enough - to thrill consumers looking to change their diet for health reasons. At the end of it all, this is a yogurt that tastes more like yogurt than the thing it is attempting to be.

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