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One Of The Few Power Of The Force Figures Worth Getting Still: The Weequay Skiff Guard Is Pretty Cool!

The Good: Good accessories, Good balance, Generally good sculpt and coloring
The Bad: Lack of articulation, Collectible value is terrible
The Basics: One of the few Power Of The Force Star Wars figures still worth picking up is the Weequay Skiff Guard, which is a good stock alien figure from Return Of The Jedi!

There are few Star Wars Power Of The Force figures that I still recommend to those who are assembling a collection of Star Wars action figures. But one of the ones that I do think is worth picking up is the Weequay Skiff Guard. Sure, there is a new Vintage Collection version of the skiff guard (reviewed here!), but that actually had some unexpected problems. The Power Of The Force Weequay Skiff Guard figure is molded in a very specific pose, but it looks incredibly good, especially for one of the older figures.

The Weequay Skiff Guard appeared in Return Of The Jedi (click here for my review!) on the floating skiff that took Luke Skywalker and his friends out to die on Tatooine. Over the Sarlaac pit, the Weequay Skiff Guard prepared to throw Luke Skywalker into the Pit Of Carkoon. He was a desert alien who prodded Luke before being thrown to his death.

The 4" Weequay Skiff Guard figure is pretty cool and stands up decently. The figure looks pretty awesome, despite not being overly articulated!


Weequay Skiff Guard is an alien with a generally reptilian look to him. It has brown, leathery-looking skin and black dreadlock hair coming out of a very limited portion of its head. The Weequay Skiff Guard has very spread legs and low articulation, but a great center of gravity. The figure stands 3 7/8" tall to the top of his head. The Weequay Skiff Guard is dressed what appears to be a padded leather armor shirt and loose, billowing pants. The figure is made entirely of hard plastic, including the hair.

This toy is a pretty awesome sculpt, looking very much like the Weequay Skiff Guard. He looks mostly like he does in the movie, considering he is cast in monotonal brown plastic for the skin tones. Because the Weequay Skiff Guard is based on a character that was a latex mask, on a human being, it is not a huge detraction for the figure that the face is monotonal in its colorscheme. The costume is colored accurately, at least in reference to the picture on the back of the figure's card. This is still a very clean version of the Skiff Guard, which seems odd considering this is a character that spent so much time in the desert!


Weequay Skiff Guard, goon for Jabba The Hutt comes only with two accessories, his force pike and a blaster rifle. The blaster rifle is a standard Imperial blaster. It is a 1 9/16" plastic gun that is utterly indistinct and looks unlike anything the Weequay Skiff Guard was seen with in the movie. This version of the blaster is cast in a copper-brown plastic that matches the Weequay Skiff Guard. Moreover, the gun looks ridiculous in either of the Weequay Skiff Guard's hands because of how the figure is molded.

The Force Pike looks pretty cool, though. While slightly larger than the force pike seen in the movie, the 3 3/16" plastic toy looks pretty good. Cast in the same copper-brown plastic as the blaster, the force pike is molded precisely to look just like the one seen in the movie. While the coloring is a little off, it looks very good in the Weequay Skiff Guard's hands. The figure is molded to hold the pike in a two-handed grip. The alien looks pretty badass with it there!


The four inch toy line was designed for play and the Weequay Skiff Guard is fair in that regard. The figure is poorly articulated and lacks significant articulation to make it interesting with his blaster, though the force pike looks awesome there. The Weequay Skiff Guard has limited poseability, but looks cool in the primary pose it is molded for. As well, he has awesome balance. This figure can actually spread its legs a little and be moved out of flatfooted position and has the standard holes in the feet that allow this figure to be posed in more outlandish poses on the playsets and toys that have the matching foot pegs!

The Weequay Skiff Guard is low on articulation, though. The figure has six points of articulation, all of which are simple swivel joints: shoulders, groin socket, neck and waist. The head articulation is very limited because of the hair.


The Weequay Skiff Guard is part of the Power Of The Force four-inch series, a series of Star Wars action figures that was incredibly common. The Weequay Skiff Guard was not as overproduced as many of the others in the line and the one that has the Freeze Frame action slide was actually pretty uncommon. While the figure was later recast, that was not necessarily a better sculpt. This was still a pretty unworthwhile investment figure.


The Weequay Skiff Guard from the Power Of The Force collection is a cool looking figure that holds up well with the look and feel of the rest of the Star Wars action figures made since. That makes it one of the few older figures from Kenner still worth picking up!

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