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Perfect Fett, The Vintage Collection Boba Fett Figure Is The Perfect Star Wars Figure!

The Good: Amazing coloring detail, Good accessories, Wonderful articulation, Good balance, Decent collectibility.
The Bad: None!
The Basics: The Star Wars Vintage Collection Boba Fett may not be the most rare Star Wars figure ever produced, but this is the best version of, arguably, the most popular character in the Saga!

With Hasbro's Star Wars toy line, there are few figures as popular as the Boba Fett figures. Boba Fett and the bounty hunters are popular characters, despite not having many lines. Even so, their mysterious, rogue quality has made them sought after and as the most effective one of the bunch, Boba Fett has a certain mystique built up around him. As the subject of the 300th figure, it might seem odd that Hasbro ever felt the need to revisit the popular character. And yet, now with the 2011 Vintage Collection, Hasbro has released a new Boba Fett figure and it is the best version of the figure to date. The Vintage Collection figure, despite being a bit more common than some of the other Boba Fett figures, like the 300 figure, is the essential Boba Fett figure to pick up.

For those unfamiliar with Boba Fett, he was one of the two human bounty hunters seen in The Empire Strikes Back (reviewed here!). From the Star Destroyer Executor, Boba Fett goes on the hunt for Han Solo, whom he captures on Bespin. From there, Fett takes Han Solo to Jabba The Hutt and meets an unfortunate (and if the novels are to be believed, temporary) end at the Sarlaac pit.

The 4" Vintage Collection Boba Fett was completely recast from the last Boba Fett figure and granted a great deal more articulation which fixes all of the earlier problems with this bounty hunter action figure!


The Vintage Collection Boba Fett figure stands 3 7/8" tall to the top of the jet pack's missile. The figure is the bounty hunter as he appeared in The Empire Strikes Back looking inscrutable and well-armored. Boba Fett is a human clone of Jango Fett and he is outfitted in green weathered Mandalorian armor and helmet. Hasbro expertly recreates the famed and popular bounty hunter with both plastic and cloth elements. Usually, that is problematic, but Hasbro pulls it off perfectly with this one.

Boba Fett is molded with incredible detailing for this sculpt. The figure has both a removable helmet and a removable jetpack. The figure, like the armor it is based upon, has incredible detailing. The forearms have not only the flamethrower on the right arm, but the tube that transports the flammable fluid from his jet pack to the wrist flamethrower. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that detail has been incorporated in the figure. Similarly, the gauntlets on the left arm have the grappling hook emitter. Similarly, the figure's shins have the pockets that have what look like pens and knives sticking out of them. The detailing is so incredible that the figure's belt has buckles and a holster for the rear pistol that Fett has. Underneath the helmet, Boba Fett's head is wrapped and looks vaguely like Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett.

Boba Fett is colored with pretty amazing attention to detail. He has a dark green breastplate that is segmented. His knees have mustard yellow pads and the various insignias and molded accessories - like the pens and tools sticking out of the pockets - are all silver colored. The helmet has an amazing sense of coloring wear to it, which makes it look like the helmet has taken shots or other beatings. The wookie braids that Fett has hanging off his right shoulder are monotonally colored, but even include the ties at the bottom. The only place the coloring is not absolutely perfect is on the human elements on the face under the helmet. The lips are not accurately colored and the eyes are just small black dots inside the white circles. This does not, in my opinion, seriously detract from the figure because I cannot think of any reason to take the helmet off the figure!


Boba Fett is a bounty hunter and comes appropriately armed. This Boba Fett features two weapons, in addition to the removable helmet and jetpack. He has a blaster rifle and a concealed pistol in the holster. The blaster rifle is a distinctive blaster rifle that Boba Fett carried while on Bespin. The butt of the 1 3/4" rifle is appropriately brown, looking like a wood tone. The barrel is gray and gunmetal with the black trigger and the gunmetal dominating the barrel and scope. The round barrel looks entirely authentic and the strap at the back helps stabilize it. The gun fits in either of Boba Fett's hands and he is molded to hold it in a two-handed grip as well.

The pistol is stuck in Fett's hidden holster on the back of his right thigh. The little gun is brown and silver and slides out with a little bit of effort. The 7/8" pistol fits ideally in the figure's right hand, but not in the left. The pistol does not fit in the left hand.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and Boba Fett is amazing for that. This Boba Fett figure has great balance. Flatfooted, Boba Fett is solid, and because of the lower half articulation of the figure, he has incredible posing options, more than any other Boba Fett figure. As well, the holes in the bottom of his feet allow him to stand tall on any number of playsets in outlandish poses or attach to pegs on vehicles! Right now, I have mine posed in an action kneel, like the Rebel soldiers at the beginning of A New Hope!

Boba Fett holds up exceptionally well in the articulation department as well. It has hinged ball and socket joints at the ankles, knees, elbows and shoulders, as well as a ball and socket joint which allows a great range of motion for the head. The groin socket has a simple swivel joints. The waist and head are both on a ball and socket joints that provide realistic articulation.


Boba Fett is part of the Vintage Collection line that was released in 2011 and it is one of the most popular of the collection. Boba Fett is Vintage Collection figure VC09 and has been released in at least one assortment. Because the figure is so popular, especially if Hasbro wisely does not create another one, the VC09 Vintage Collection Boba Fett might well become the ultimate Fett investment.


The Star Wars Vintage Collection Boba Fett figure puts all other Boba Fett figures to shame and is a must buy for any Star Wars toy collector!

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