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No Freeze Out On "Orange Freeze" 3-in-1 (Though It's Not Terribly Hot, Either)

The Good: Good scent, Good functionality
The Bad: Expensive, Scent does not endure
The Basics: Average in virtually every way, Orange Freeze cleans well and smells good, but the scent does not endure on skin or hair very long.

Health and Beauty reviews are reviews I seldom write, mostly because when it comes to health and beauty supplies, I tend to be much more concerned with function than style. I'm not into trends and I have a pretty basic litmus test for my health and beauty reviews. If a product works the way it is supposed to, it's average, if it does more or does it exceptionally well, I knock it up. If it fails, it falls below.

I mention this as a preface to my review of Orange Freeze 3-in-1 by Bath & Body Works because when I sat down to review it, I realized how little I actually had to say about it (and I discovered I don't have a health and beauty form I follow, as I do for many of my other non-media reviews). Orange Freeze works well as a three in one (body wash, shampoo, and bubble bath) and the scent when it is out of the bottle is good, but it is not the most extraordinary product of all time and it is not going to light the world on fire. It cleans and as a bubble bath, it seems to have some minor skin softening properties, but beyond that, it is a remarkably average product.

Orange Freeze is sold in a 16 fl. oz. container by Bath and Body Works as part of their Temptation line and it is a three-in-one. This works as a shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath. It does not have any hair conditioning properties and this product comes with a fairly expensive price of $12.00 per bottle. Orange Freeze is marketed as smelling like an orange creamsicle and it more or less lives up to that. Actually, this product smells exactly like the Orange Sherbet Jelly Belly jelly beans (reviewed here!) taste! This is a good scent and anyone looking for something that has a decent citrus smell to it, without it being overbearing will likely enjoy this for the scent.

Orange Freeze is a pearlescent pumpkin orange fluid that is thick like a decent shampoo. Actually, it has a bit more leg than the average shampoo, more properly analogized like a shampoo/conditioner as far as consistency goes. The color is not as pleasant or bright and cheery as one might expect out of something that smells like a creamsicle. Instead, it is darker, thicker and the citrus smell is only slightly muted to make it smell more accurately like an orange frozen dessert.

As a shampoo, Orange Freeze quite adequately cleans one's hair. Orange Freeze strips away grease, dirt and other scents to leave the hair clean and smelling fresh. I tend to take showers hot and when I've used Orange Freeze as a shampoo, the scent effervesces well in the steam, making one's shower smell like an ice cream stand! It's a delightful scent and the product easily gets rid of pretty much anything one gets in one's hair.

As a shampoo, Orange Freeze 3-in-1 requires very little to use. I have very long hair and a quarter-sized dollop lathers up quite well enough in order to clean all of my hair. Used judiciously in this way, the Orange Freeze might well last for two months, maybe a little more than that. Given the relative expense of this 3-in-1, people with shorter hair might get away with using less, but people with long hair will be lucky to make it last two months.

The problem with Orange Freeze as a shampoo is that it cleans the hair and smells wonderful when in the shower or bath, but the scent fades quickly from one's hair. Within half an hour of being dry, my hair no longer smells like a creamsicle. As someone who recently found a benefit in having pleasant scent memories tied to my hair, this is a bit of a disappointment.

As a body wash, a quarter-sized dollop of Orange Freeze can clean most of a person, especially when it is applied to a loufa mitt or other cleaning device. Orange Freeze is a smooth product, so it is not like it has exceptional cleaning powers on its own. As a body wash, Orange Freeze cleans off the skin and eliminates any odors one might normally be blessed with, but if one gets rather dirty, they'll need something with friction to clean off with. As a body wash, Orange Freeze is a decent cleaner and skin conditioner, but does not have granules or other components like a scrub would to exfoliate or deep clean the body.

As a bubble bath, Orange Freeze is hardly economical. It takes about two capfuls to get a decent amount of bubbles out of this product and then they do not last more than half an hour. I've used this as a bubble bath and in order to get full, rich bubbles out of it, I needed to use four capfuls. This quickly depletes one's bottle of Orange Freeze, but it does have the benefit of leaving one's bathroom and body smelling like orange creamsicles for about an hour or two after one is done soaking in it! At $12.00 a bottle, it's tough for me to get thrilled about using this product this particular way.

For those who are health conscious, the Orange Freeze 3-in-1 is primarily comprised of water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Cocamidopropyl Betaine. As one who is more accustomed to reviewing all natural teas, I'll say I know what water is and this product is not recommended for human consumption, so don't eat it! It does soften the skin some when one soaks in a bath with a liberal amount of this in the water, but I am sure there are more economical ways to condition one's skin. It does not particularly sting the eyes or any open wounds when it ends up in them, but I didn't exactly let any stay in my eye when I got some near there.

In other words, Orange Freeze is an adequate 3-in-1 that has the potential to energize and excite a used when cleaning themselves with it, but it does not endure very long, making it a poor choice for those who rely on health and beauty products for scent memory enjoyment.

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